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Issues related to money are the #1 reason for divorce in the United States. In reality, it's not money that causes divorce, it's not communicating about money that is the problem that ends many marriages. One particular example comes to mind. To protect the guilty, I have changed their names to John and Michelle. The two have been married for 5 years and as far as John knew, they had very little credit card debt. On the contrary, Michelle had mounting credit card debt that she had kept hidden from her husband. The two had separate checking accounts, so John had no clue about Michelle's debt. She was addicted to using credit cards, like some people are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Well, the stress of hiding the debt became unbearable and the credit card debt became unmanageable for Michelle. After years of hiding her debt from John, she decided to admit her wrong-doing. By the time Michelle told her husband the truth, she had accumulated nearly $30,000 in credit card debt.

Needless to say, John and Michelle's marriage became strained. Michelle had violated John's trust, the very foundation on which their marriage was built. Fortunately, the situation did not end in divorce. John and Michelle are still together and have devised a plan to pay off Michelle's debt. Meanwhile, they are working to restore trust in their relationship. The two now communicate openly about their finances and have consolidated their checking accounts and other finances.

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Effective communication is a key component of a successful marriage. Whether it's about money, sex, feelings, children or something as small as leaving the toilet seat up. Communication about little things adds up to a fulfilling marriage, whereas, not communicating or about little things can add up to an unhappy marriage. Below are a few money tips, to help avoid strain on your marriage.

Money Tips for Married Couples

* Don't hide your savings from your spouse

* Don't lie to your spouse about credit cards and other debt

* Don't focus on who makes the most money between the two of you as a form of power

* Discuss finances and major expenses on a monthly basis

* Speak the unspeakable - Discuss difficult financial topics with your spouse. Talk about and have a will prepared. Make sure you have sufficient life insurance. Even before getting married, discuss having a prenuptial agreement.

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Practicing gratitude may be the fastest single pathway to relationship happiness and success.

According to a study conducted by positive psychologist and mindfulness expert, Dr. Henry Emmons, PhD, people who kept a gratitude journal for just 3 weeks measured 25% higher on life satisfaction after wards. Research participants who became more mindful of gratitude, exercised more, drank alcohol less, and were describe by their families and friends as generally nicer to be around.

Developing a habit of noticing what you appreciate about your partner can be a very powerful "dumb fight" prevention tool.

Conflict in a relationship is normal and to be expected. As one famous marriage counselor said, "When choosing a long-term partner, you will inevitably be choosing a particular set of unsolvable problems that you'll be grappling with for the next ten, twenty or fifty years."

Happy couples and unhappy couples can fight the same amount. However, the couples that stay together have better "repair moves" because of what is called "positive sentiment overide," a term coined by John Gottman, PhD. Relationship success actually depends on the ratio of positive to "disappointing." Couples can have quite a lot of conflict and still be close if the ratio of positive interactions to negative interactions is at least 5 to 1. Positive interactions come from understanding, accepting, and supporting one another.

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Appreciation is feels good to your partner but it is also going to make YOU feel great. Being mindful of what you like, value, and appreciate will help you:

* become less judgmental

* increase your satisfaction

* increase flexibility and acceptance

* let go of gripes

* deepen your trust

* soften you and make you more kind

* increase your motivation to be generous

* make you more empathic

A good relationship is not something that "happens," it is something that you must deliberately create. So every day, make it a practice of noticing at least three things you appreciate about your partner. You can actually keep a journal and make daily notes. The qualities don't have to be huge; they can be tiny. It might be the way a look, a tone of voice, a touch.

If you find yourself having more than your fair share of dumb fights with your partner, it is good to remember what qualities attracted you to your partner in the beginning of the relationship. Do you remember the personal qualities that you most admired about him/ her? In all likelihood, those strengths and qualities are still there today, you just have to pay attention.

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Are you having problems in your marriage? Do you come home each and every day regretting the person you come home to? Do you really find in your life that the person you are married to, not excite you anymore? Have you been married for more than 10 years? If the following questions describe you and your marriage, there is one thing you can do it instantly to start enjoying your marriage and spouse once again.

There are many steps that go into making a successful and happy marriage. Those same steps are required in order to maintain a successful and happy marriage once you are married. Passion and excitement do not stay in a marriage where people do not make it happen each and every day. While there are many different things couples can do to make their marriage better, we are going to focus on one very simple task you can do each and every day of your marriage, starting today.

This is very simple, but very effective. Every day when you see your spouse come home, you should greet them with a warm welcome like he once did when you were dating. There is really nothing more important than coming up to the front door of your home knowing someone on the other side is waiting for you. Not only waiting for you, they are very eager to see you and talk with you. They want to know how your day is going and what the good and bad parts of it were.

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No matter what time of day your wife or husband comes home, you need to greet them with happiness and positivity. Your husband may come home at two o'clock in the morning after a long flight home from a meeting halfway across the country. The minute he gets into bed, you should turn over and give him of telling him you are glad he is home and that you missed him.

If your wife has been out of town with the children seeing her family, you should be waiting for her when she comes home. Since we have cell phones, she can let you know when she is only a few minutes away. Knowing she is only a few minutes away, you should be standing by the front door waiting to walk outside and greet her and your children. Give her a big will and welcoming of telling her you love her and missed her.

Greeting your mate each and every day as if it was the first time you had ever saw them is of the utmost importance. Everyone loves coming home to a warm and welcoming person that loves them unconditionally.

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If you build your marriage with love and truth, it is likely going to deliver love and peace for you. If you build your marriage on a loving and a truthful heart, it is likely going to deliver love and happiness for you. If you build your it on love and happiness, it s likely going to deliver love and joy for you. If you build on love and joy, it is likely going to deliver love and understanding for you. If you build it on love and trust, it is likely going to deliver love and hopefulness for you. And if you decide to build it on love and understanding, it is likely going to deliver a healthy love life, and unity for you.

On the contrary, if you build your marriage on deceit and lies, it is likely going to deliver deceit and total failure for you. If you build on deceit and distrust, it is likely going to deliver deceit and discord for you; accompanied with all other deterring attributes. Whichever output you want to achieve, or you are enjoying or suffering already are in your hands. Garbage-in, garbage-out. Your success in your marriage is in your hands!

What if your spouse don't love you anymore? Here's how to get them addicted to you like when you fell in love for the first time

If you truly wish to achieve success in your marriage, endeavor to work on your relationship regularly. Cultivate and nurture a healthy love life. Start by building a healthy mutual communication relationship with each other. With my years of experience in marriage counseling, I want to assure you that couples who build healthy love relationship with a good communication link in their marriage can easily identify and work through all kinds of life challenges much-more-easier-than those who did not.

Furthermore, building your relationship positively shows a sign of your interest in working earnestly to achieve success in your marriage. Openness to each other will go a long way to give you more understanding of who your spouse is; moreover, it will open your eyes to also know who you yourself is in that marriage.

As you try out these simple practical exercises, you and your spouse will marvel at what a wonder you are. Make it a point of duty therefore, to work on your marriage persistently, you will definitely achieve the success you crave for. Then you will believe that your success in marriage is in your hands, therefore, build your marriage.

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