Understanding the lecture in the classroom seems an impossible task without having a focused attention. It is not about listening, it is all about the complete familiarity with the topic by the end of the lecture. If you are unable to concentrate in the classroom, you need to develop a habit of note-taking. It helps you to pay a focused attention during the classroom.

Listening, perceiving, understanding, and writing the important points makes you a good student and have a positive impact on your grades. The main purpose of writing is to remain alert during the lecture. Usually, students get bored and start chatting with their friends and they are unable to understand a single word after the lecture is over. Instead of having a conversation with your friends in the classroom, you must develop a habit of taking notes. Following are the steps that you follow in order to stay attentive during the lecture:

• Listen closely to what the teacher says;

• Make sure that you are totally understanding the details of the topic;

• Ask if you have any confusion regarding the lecture;

• Write important points and minor details with Waterman Pen;

Once you are able to concentrate the topic by writing during the lecture, it benefits you in a number of different ways like:

• Enhances Interest

Holding Parker pen in your hand makes you write during the lecture. It enhances your focus and develops an interest in what you are studying.

• Promotes Learning

One should understand the difference between listening and learning. Note- taking improves your brain’s functionality and makes you learn fast.

• Increase Creativity

The way you summarize the lecture is an important part of learning. It takes a lot of creativity and time management to understand and write at the same time.

• Fast and Easy Revision

Once you understand and write the lecture in the classroom, it saves time during revision. As you saw and read your notes, you start to remember all the details told by the teacher. It makes you revise and learn easier.

• Good Grades

The enhanced process of learning and note-taking improves your grades. Writing makes your memorize the stuff easily as compared to just listening. It increases your long-term memory span which is directly linked with your performance in the exam.

• Improves Handwriting

Practice writing improves your handwriting. Note-taking makes you write well and fast. You don’t have to panic about your bad handwriting as you are doing well day by day.

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Agha works with Arts institutions he has years of experience in writing art and typography, He writes blogs for his students in separate time, He lives in Dubai with his family.