Does Penis Enlargement Have Side Effects In The Long Run: Safest Penis Enlargement

With the right type of training, penile exercises are just as healthy to your penis, as running is for your cardiovascular system. Countless number of men have made their penises larger, stronger and healthier. Just like the guys before you, you as well can reap the rewards of using exercises to enlarge penis size. But all kinds of training method can potentially be dangerous - even running - and penile exercising might as well cause some side-effects, if you are not careful. Therefore it is necessary to know what to look for and what to avoid, when using exercises to enlarge penis size.

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Bruises are very common and not a big deal. People can get all kinds of bruises and not pay too much attention to it. But if bruises occur during penile exercising, then it is a clear sign that the exercise routine is a bit too intense. Bruising is an unhealthy body clue and when it does happen, then the best thing you can do, is take a few days off from exercising and start an exercise routine that is not so intense.

You also might have used too much force on a particular part of the penis shaft, depending on where to bruise is formed. For example, if the bruise is formed on the head of your penis or it is formed on the underside of your penis, then you most likely gripped the underside of the penis with too much force or you jelqed too tightly. Some men need some time to find the right way to grip and to perform the exercises. Bruises are a relatively common side-effect when using exercises to enlarge penis size.

Spotting along the shaft of the penis

Spots - medically known as petechiae - might form on the penis, when using exercises to enlarge penis size. Spots usually form on the head of the penis and are relatively common in the beginning. These spots can range from one or two, to up a dozen.

Penile exercising is a new process for the penis and sometimes the penis reacts to the exercising by creating spots. Penile exercises create stress to the penis and if you have not exercised your penis before, then it is normal that some spots appear. Usually the spots do not affect penis hardness or growth. But if the spots do not disappear, then you can take a few days of or decrease the intensity.

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Darkening of the penis

Another common side-effect of doing exercises to enlarge penis size, is the darkening of the penis or "discoloration." A lot of guys really like this darker look and don't think it is a bad side-effect. But if the darkening effect is pretty severe, then it can be a problem.

A darker penis is usually caused by over-training, too much intensity, neglecting warm ups or not letting your penis recover and rest. Very often it is penis enlargement devices and intense girth exercises like jelqing, that cause the darkening of the penis.

To avoid this darkening effect, that can occur when using exercises to enlarge penis size, you can apply more heat to your penis. It is very important to have a thorough warm up. For example, if you are using a warm wash cloth for warming up your penis, you can try a rice sock or a heating pad, that are more effective.

Trauma to the skin is the main cause of discoloration and to avoid too much trauma, it is very often necessary to use less force.Try to use less force when using exercises to enlarge penis size. You should also avoid intense exercises that your penis is not ready for.

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One of the best ways to increase your penis size massively in just a few weeks is to focus on the whole body exercise routine. Too many times men concentrate solely on their penises and although this is a correct start and the object of the exercise altogether, a better approach is to combine a whole body exercise routine that includes penis exercise.

In this way the muscles of the body can work together to promote the flow of blood to the penis and create a longer and wider unit. It is important that proper nutrition also be adhered to and rest of course is a staple and a benefit for any penis exercise per program. Work the program and you will obtain a larger penis.

Still many men will start off with a great program and will end up lost in the clouds after not seeing instantaneous results. The issue with that is that everything takes hard work especially when you're trying to change a part of your body as important as sensitive and as emotionally attached as your penis. There are just no ifs, ands or buts about it and you have to follow through with the exercise routines and also live a relatively clean life or you will not benefit at all from the penis exercises. There is just no of a way to describe this and that it needs to benefit the whole body to have the best overall benefit.

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Here are is a few tips for your enlargement routine that should help increase the length of your penis and the girth as well within a few weeks. Starting off slow and methodically getting into a rhythm is a good idea so that your penis and the blood will be easier to cool down the shaft. It is important to understand that nutrition is so vital toward anything that your body and mind are asked to do, especially in the role of penis enlargement.

Think of the penis as an extension of your mind and that should help with everything from girth widened to linking. Many men see penis enlargement exercises as a waste of time, but so many others have seen results with growth spurts of 2 to 3 inches. I've even heard a story about a man who gained four full inches after using a few penis stretching methods he picked up from this site.

Another great tip and the last one for this review will be that penis exercises work as long as you understand the time that it takes to grow and man's penis through blood and nutrition. Forcing blood at an accelerated rate to fill up the penis that normally had less blood is a task all in itself. It takes time and patience and a commitment to win and eventually your penis will be larger with penis exercises and proper nutrition plus a wonderful optimistic attitude.

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Many men think that penis enlargement exercises are nothing more than mindless banter created to sell a product or service online. This is not why I am explaining this right now to you, as I truly am not attempting to sell you anything. All I want to do is show you how to increase your penis with exercises. If the question is with only three days and what can you expect? The answer is a minimal modest gain.

The reason for this is that blood is the overall controlling factor of the size of any man's penis and especially in the penis enlargement exercise routines that are placed upon these pages. Without increased blood flow, it makes little difference what you try to do to increase your penis. Nothing happens unless there is more blood pushed down to your penis and in a healthy routine like manner.

No one's going to care that you were able to grow your penis by ½ inch and a quarter of an inch in girth within three days, if you can't repeatedly bring this point to attention, so to speak. Let's be honest here, the only reason why we desire larger penises is to satisfy our partners or satisfy them more. Even if you do not have a partner at this time, the main reason is to satisfy your future partner or satisfy her more. Anyway you slice it the main goal is to increase satisfaction through sexual intercourse and with a larger thicker penis this can become a reality.

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We can revolve back to the latter part of the first question and with the aspect of only three days then what can you expect? You can expect to have a larger penis as long as you physically and mentally see that in your mind way before you start the physical stretching of your penis by your hand. You can do this and we are only here to make certain that this happens for you.

A great hand exercise to start off with would be the key to exercising: the all important Jelqing routine. This is a very popular routine and one that involves routinely and rhythmically moving up and down the shaft of your penis stimulating the blood flow and opening up the blood containing lower bladders and making them accept more blood from the heart. In this way you can see the increase of your penis within days and keep it longer and stronger and only by continuing to be disciplined and mentally alert.

You can enlarge your penis and do it naturally and safely. All you have to do is exercise the penis and train the entire area to accept and hold more blood. Blood is the key to any gain in the length and girth of your penis. Make sure that you are well-prepared before any exercise is initiated since rashes are common occurrences for these exercises if lube is not used even if it is just 3 days in.

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Getting your penis to grow bigger can be much easier than what the other guys say. Although it is common for most men to make use of some special tools or take growth supplements in order to help them become bigger down there, the actual fact is you don't need any of these fancy products. Then how can you easily grow your penis bigger? Just start stretching it regularly using your hands!

It may sound ridiculous, I know. Some may find it rather illogical for one to successfully gain some size just by using the hand to stretch the male organ. But if you think about it, doing stretching exercises is a far more practical method of enhancing your manhood... not to mention extremely effective as well.

Medical experts have already ascertained that stretching can cause your male organ to naturally enlarge. Although the results may not be as instantaneous as most guys may wish it to be, at least the gain in size is almost always guaranteed. Plus, being simple and natural, the technique is far from risky to the health of your penis.

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What the stretching exercises do is to actually cause an increase in amount of blood filling up your male organ. The more blood that gets stored inside, the bigger your organ will expand in size - it IS that simple!

But that is not all doing stretches can do for your precious manhood.

Stretching also helps to enhance your sexuality by improving how your penis performs in bed. Just like normal stretching routines, doing so on your penis effects a better blood circulation to your organ. By improving the circulation, you actually strengthen your male organ in order for it to easily achieve harder erections the next time you get sexually aroused.

I don't think I need to tell you how much more fulfilling your sex sessions would be as a result of doing the stretches to your organ. And since the results you get are typically permanent, you won't ever have to worry about inadequately satisfying your woman in bed for the better part of your life!

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