Does real love really exist?

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”-Lao Tzu.

Sometimes we wonder how two people brought together by what they called "destiny" and survived the tests of time. My view about this subject matter revolves of what had quoted by the great Father of Taoism, Lao Tzu. As he'd said being loved by someone gives us strength, that unimaginable strength which keeps us goes on through life's adversities, and in contrast loving a person deeply provides us courage, enough courage to stay positive though our own world is negative. But we just have one question deep inside in each one's heart, does real love exists?

At some point in our lives we came to an instance where all we encountered were hardships and sufferings and we've got to ask when will these adversities end? It's like we are standing in an unknown path, waiting for someone to give us the right direction, but when will that person comes? Or is he/she worth the wait? The world is full of distractions and rudeness, but we still have this four-Letter-word that makes the world goes round. L-o-v-E. Love is the very element in life that keeps us going. We should not question ourselves if this really exists. The answer is obvious. YES. Love really does exist. The living proof of this is you, and everyone else around us. It's not only loving a special someone or being loved back gives us the courage and strength that we all need to survive, love itself is the key ingredient why life is too much wonderful despite of its unfairness.

We had to make certain decisions in life and loving someone is not only a decision but a choice, a choice made by the heart and mind. These two organs sometimes collide and argue with the other. But when it comes to love, balance should be applied to make the decision worth the time and the choice worth it. Life is not only a matter of choices but a matter of wise mind and a wonderful spirit. Love exists to both parties if each one chooses to stick together and fight the difficulties life has thrown to them.
Don't be discouraged by the break ups of your parents, by the failed relationships of your friends as well as by the judgment of the society, for each one has a love story to tell.
You have your own story to share, and I bet you'll have the will enough to say that love really does exist.

Author's Bio: 

Genalyn "princessgen" Patris is a former editor-in-chief of her school organ "Lawis" wayback in 2006-2008. Attended University of Cebu-Lapulapu and Mandaue (Cebu, Philippines) with a degree in Business Administration majoring Marketing Management. She became the External Vice-President of the Junior Marketing association of the Philippines (JMAP)University Organization. She is also a member of the Catholic Charismatic Youth Movement (CCYM),UCLM chapter.
At present she is working as a sales agent in one of the BPO industry in Cebu City, Philippines.