Statistics show that an average Australian household wastes a considerable (%) of energy due to air leaks, inefficient cooling/heating appliances and even due to drafts. And that most of that energy is lost through their windows. 

One way to prevent this energy loss is by replacing your existing window with an energy-efficient one. You can look at notable companies dealing with high performance building supplies and opt for either double glazed or triple glazed windows offering much better insulation and very little scope for energy loss. 

Believe it or not, but replacing your existing windows with these suggested options will help sustain a comfortable living environment, reduce your monthly energy consumption and also augment your home value.

Digging Deeper Into How Replacing Windows Affects Your Energy Bill?

In conventional or old-styled windows, the air outside can easily seep in through the cracks and hamper your interior’s living temperature.  When this happens, it can make your heating or cooling appliance work more than needed to achieve consistency in your interior temperature.  And that can increase your overall energy consumption and bring about an unappreciative change in your monthly electricity bill.

Contrarily, if you choose to install energy-efficient glazing windows and insulate your home walls to prevent the outside air from entering, then statistics show a remarkable 20% hike possibility in your energy efficiency. 

In addition to this, energy-efficiency windows can also lessen heat loss from air leakages by an approximate 20-40%.

Additional Perks Of Installing Energy-Efficiency Glazed Windows

There are many other noticeable perks of installing energy efficiency glazed windows. And they include as follows –

  • They decrease window condensation and improve your living comfort
  • They let more light to pass thus allowing better visibility in comparison to standard windows
  • Energy-efficient windows also come coated with UV protection and that prevents damage to your expensive carpets, furniture and curtains
  • Installing energy-efficiency windows also helps filter outside sound thus allowing everyone inside to reside peacefully and cosily.

How Do You Know That Your Existing Windows Are Wasting Precious Energy?

  • You notice your heating and cooling appliances tend to work harder than needed on a regular basis simply to compensate for the energy loss through those existing cracks, crevices or tiny openings.
  • You find condensation and moisture forming on your windows mainly due to the excessive humidity inside. 
  • The interiors get uncomfortably warm during Summer simply because your existing windows cannot keep the heat from entering the house. And due to this exterior heat, the interior temperature takes a considerable jump.
  • You find noticeable water leaks on your current windows clearly suggesting that you need to weatherise your windows. Another reason could be that there is a crack in your window frame and that it requires adequate insulation.

Final Verdict – Get Your Existing Windows Replaced With Quality Energy-Efficient Ones

They not only make your interiors comfortable to live in, but also make a considerable difference to your monthly energy bill. Get in touch with a notable energy-efficient home specialist and replace your current windows with quality energy-efficient ones.

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