Have you ever nursed that feeling of "does she like me?" wondering if a girl really like or just playing games. relationship is often so complicating when you are just starting out.

Have you ever been down with this kind of mixed feeling wondering if a girl you just met or someone you have probably been hanging out with for a long time still likes you? Here is what you need to know about women behavior when next you’re down... wondering if she is into you or just playing games with you emotion.

Does she like me even though she said no to a date?
Now, there are many circumstances that could get a guy to doubt the emotional stability of the girlfriend, it happens a lot of times like when you call her five times in an hour and she didn't pick your call then you sent several messages and still met silence and then you bumped into her in the morning and said "hi" and she responded in a very reluctant way even heightening your fears and you felt lost in the world.

Pretty girls could put up lots of characters that could get you to wonder if she is still into you.

When you ask out a girl and she says "no" or when you had a good time yesterday and she just wouldn't call you back it doesn't necessary mean she is no longer into you, most girls test the men they are dating, and you need to perfectly understand women and be pretty able to anticipate their next move before you could be counted as having success with women.

You need to know that women are kind of wired to play hard to get with every new guy, if you understand this you will be less worried when next you get a "no" from a new girl.

So when she says no to a date, there is probably a genuine reason or she is just trying to test you to see if you are really a man or another wus trying to grab her attention, beautiful girls are always testing guys before they really jump in, now you need to know the different between real test and when she does stop liking you.

I learned that most reason why girls say no to a date is when the guy shows total desperation, it is just most likely the reason for also many "break ups" you need to give a girl the impression that you are worth having her before you really can have her.

Does She Still like Me After hanging out with Other Guy.

I used to feel really jealous when I see my girlfriend or someone I just met with another guy, I feel like they are going to take her away from me or give her something I haven't given to her and make her ditch me, this kind of thinking often keeps me worried for hours most times but that was a long time ago, now I know better.

However, I wouldn't totally write off the fact that the present of another guy in a relationship can leave you without a girlfriend in the next minute but if that happens or if you sense it coming you don't need to get depressed or put up a heavy face that would most likely be the cause of the break up. But when you control your feelings and behave like a real man she would most likely run back to you.

I have also met a girl that just likes making male friends, you would think she doesn't know where to attach the "boy" in her "boy-friend" when you see her chatting with other guys, does it mean she doesn't like me anymore?
I think most times the decision is left for us to make but most often we leave it in the hand of the girl then she start thinking you are less than a man when you can't handle her "just" talking to other guys.

When next you are not really sure if a pretty girl likes you or just trying to mess up your emotions there is just one thing to do... ask her, how? Find a way to get close enough then ask her. Hey, you don't need to walk up to her and say "do you like me" that would be awkward, the idea is to bring her close enough where you can observe her body movements and attitude toward you.

And where else would you get that kind of space? On a date, so guy, clear your head go "hello Jane, let's
get together on Saturday for a cup of lemonade" is she pleased? It is easy to know if a girl likes you,
Just pull her a little bit close and OBSERVE. But I guess that is the hard part, I promise you will be fine just don't be scared of failure or making attempts.

From experience, I learned that people are fascinated about people they are attracted to, they want to spend more time with you, talk more, laugh more with you... they want to get another chance with you. So it wouldn't be wrong if you just ask.

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