Years ago, many people drank the water at Lourdes and were cured of their affliction. So, out of curiosity, what’s in this water and can it help prevent or cure the C-Virus. After researching the 72 trace minerals available in only a few products, I discovered that the trace mineral, Germanium, is found in this water.

Germanium has many important medicinal properties. In the body, Germanium attaches itself to oxygen molecules. This has the unexpected effect of making our bodies more effective at getting oxygen to the tissues of our body. The increased supply of oxygen in our bodies helps to improve our immune system. It also helps the body excrete harmful toxins. Perhaps the most exciting thing about Germanium is that it can stimulate the human immune system to fight cancer cells.

Furthermore, there are health scientists researching the use of onions, garlic, and elderberry as having quercetin, a possible remedy for the C-Virus. However, what they are leaving out is that Germanium is also found in these food sources.

Many of us have never heard of Germanium and that’s because it’s one of the micro-trace minerals, and therefore, not commonly sold like potassium, zinc, magnesium, and etc.

To play it safe, it might be a good idea to take a trace mineral supplement, containing Germanium, as well as other trace minerals working together to provide the human body with the possible defense in staying healthy.
(Check out Dr. Berg’s video about his electrolyte drink containing trace minerals: )

Disclaimer: I am an avid reader with a craving for learning about life itself, especially when concerns health, happiness, outer and inner beauty. I am not a medical professional. I am just someone having a need to share what I’ve learned and discovered.

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Kelley Curl 7 is the author of the book, "My Curly Hair Self: Living with a Visual Processing Disorder