It’s possible that after the breakup which left your heart and life in a complete state of mess, you were advised by your therapist, your best friend and maybe even the billing woman at Walmart to take some time off and space from the relationship and the person you were with. And that’s certainly for good reason. The no contact rule has only benefits to offer, so there’s really nothing to lose here! 

Yes, you’re probably spending most of your day inching towards your phone wondering how to text him to start a conversation with the guy who broke your heart like two days ago. It’s hard to accept that the relationship is over, move on like nothing happened and act like they just never existed. It is difficult. And it feels so unnatural to be without him. 

No matter what he did or what you did, the relationship has indeed come to an end now. Overthinking every ‘what if’ or constantly going through the breakup conversation in your head isn’t at all going to make your life easier now. Life after the breakup takes a different kind of strategy. And the no contact rule is a major component of it. 

Steps to ensure a healthy no contact rule 

Does the no contact rule work after a breakup? It will if you correctly allow it to. Pretending to run into her at the grocery store even though you followed her car after work or commenting on their pictures from 2017 is not perhaps the best course of action if you are serious about moving on. 

But if you’re ready to let this go and start a new chapter of your life, then the no contact rule is definitely your best friend. Here is how you can master it. 

1. Cut them off your social media completely 

Just because he uploaded a new picture standing next to a girl at a bar does not mean that she is his new girlfriend. And if even she is, it does not mean that you should be bothered about it and let your day completely get away from yourself. The no contact rule is meant to create a distance not in a way that you can be hateful and angry, but in a way that you stop finding reasons to be. 

So every time you stumble upon an old picture of yourself with him or a new picture of him with a new ‘#bae’, all your previous effort will go in vain. Take it from us and cut him off on all online mediums of communication. 

2. Know why this is important for you 

Pushing yourself to the edge by not talking to them is not the right way of handling the no contact rule. Before you start distancing yourself from them, you need to truly believe in the power of this technique and how it may be good for you. Don’t just hit the block button because your best friend asked you to. Do it because you understand that it’s the only way you can be better in the future. 

The more you force yourself to do something you are not ready to yet, the harder it will be the more you will relapse and drunk dial him on those girls night outs. Process your feelings correctly and talk yourself into it before you jump the gun too quickly. 

3. Try not to think about them 

The no contact rule is not just about deleting them from your phone-book but also deleting them from your mind. Just because you haven’t seen your ex-girlfriend in 7 days now does not mean that you’re acing this. If you still spend every other night crying yourself to sleep or imagining scenarios with her, then there’s more that needs to be done here. 

It’s time to engage in hobbies, be with people who love you and experience all that you love in this world. This golden period is not just about distancing yourself, it’s also about loving that space and enjoying it. Being happily single isn’t that hard if you try and find all the good things about it. 

These were the beginning and definitely the most major steps of following and practising the no contact rule after a breakup. Remember that you’re bigger and better than any heartbreak out there and nothing can trump you unless you let it. 

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