Does the No Contact Rule work for most people? You should be aware how important the No Contact Rule is if you want your ex back with you. If you are struggling with a recent relationship break up then you should learn more about the No Contact Rule and how it works.

Q: How does the No Contact Rule work for me?

A: What the No Contact Rule basically means is that you shouldn't try to contact your ex at all. This means you shouldn't send texts, emails or calls to your ex. Even if you promised to stay friends, contact shouldn't happen for as long as one month.

What you should know is that friendship after a break up usually complicates things. You can't be good friends until both of you managed to get past that break up phase and get some breathing space away from each other. What you want is your ex to live through the fact that they broke up with you. If you remain in contact your ex would be enjoying your companionship without the commitment.

Q: If I already made some mistakes will the Does the No Contact Rule work still?

A: Apply the No Contact Rule even after you already called your ex. Also, don't warn your ex that you are leaving them along. Your ex would only be doubtful if you do this. Instead, simply disappear as if you no longer exist.

Q: So why exactly does the No Contact Rule work for me?

A: There are lots of things the No Contact Rule can do. It provides your ex with what they want and that is to re-examine their lives. Regardless of the reason of the break up, what your ex wants is some time to be alone. When a person starts to want to re-examine their personal life is when most break ups occur. Also, your ex would eventually miss you if you apply the No Contact Rule. The No Contact Rule works because you are focusing on self improvement which would eventually attract your ex back to you.

Q: How will improving myself make the No Contact Rule work for me?

A: You should grab the opportunity of the break up to improve aspects of your life. For example, you may have overlooked some key points in like thanks to the relationship. Are you no longer in contact with friends and family? If so then try contacting them now and rebuild the relationship. You can now learn to be happy without your ex and reconnect with friends and family too.

Will you find a positive answer to no contact rule once you've worked on yourself?

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