Does The Penis Grow Longer When You're Old: Guaranteed Penis Enlargement

There is a secret you will need to know if you want to start to grow your penis - and it's all to do with what happened during puberty. There are lots of dangerous products out there and the way to avoid all of them is to follow a much more natural approach and restart the same growth that took place when you were a teenager. I have personally benefitted from these techniques and have made big gains to the size of my manhood (almost 4 inches!), that's how I know you can too. All you have to do is follow my advice...

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Restarting the growth of puberty...

This is easy to do once you learn a few basic principles of growth. Your penis grew during puberty because all of your body's biochemicals were in complete balance. This allowed a series of chain reactions to start taking place in your manhood - and these reactions are what caused so much growth. It's quite a straight forward equation: no biochemicals equals no growth (because the chain reactions cannot take place).

Where did all the biochemicals go?

After your body had gone through puberty, it stopped releasing biochemicals and so no further growth could take place. If you want to see your manhood grow again then you will need to restore this balance - and you can do that by using a natural enlargement plan.

Is there anything you can do to accelerate the process?

Just by replacing these vital biochemicals, you will already have restarted the growth of puberty. But if you want faster results (who doesn't) then you may also want to try learning a few simple exercises. This will allow your manhood to grow at twice the rate! Theses exercises help to direct the biochemicals towards your penis by increasing your blood flow to this area - the more biochemicals you can get down there, the more you will grow.

If you have tried all the other method out there, but without success, then it may be time to turn to the natural approach - for me, it was the best thing I ever did. I now have an 8 inch member and you could too!

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Wondering how to get started with penis enlargement through exercises?

Enlargement through exercises is usually an eight week process that is gradual, with the use of more than 30 different exercises in different stages. The exercises below are a few of many that need to be followed to make your penis bigger.

Sample Exercises

Stretching - Make an OK symbol with your index finger and thumb. Gently hold the flaccid or soft penis just under its head and slowly pull outwards. Repeat this 15 times. This is followed by twirling the penis, which is when you twirl it in a movement similar to the path of a hand in a clock. Do it both ways.

Jelqing - Get a partial erection and lubricate your penis well. Make an OK sign again and this time start at the base of the and slowly pull and move up to the penis head. When you reach the head, switch to the other hand and alternate. You should perform between 100-150 strokes for each hand depending on which stage of the penis workout you are in.

Circulation Improvement - When you are in between exercises, you need to gently slap your penis against each of your legs. This will cause the blood to circulate faster which will give faster enlargement.

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Professional Exercise Programs

1. Penis Exercise Programs are professional workout schedules put together by companies that have several thousand paying customers. The full list of exercises obviously cannot be given out due to this.

2. All exercises are to be preceded by specific warm ups that are very important for safety.

3. There are about 30 different penis exercises that are usually given in a four stage workout plan - Introduction - Beginners - Standard and then a Advanced workout.

4. Most people try to jump to advanced levels trying to skip the easier exercises and are usually disappointed with the results.

5. For penis exercises to work, one needs to be patient and very sincere with a full 8 week program. This is not for people who are looking for a quick fix as there is no such thing as a fast way to get a bigger penis.

6. People should avoid imitating amateur videos and doing it endlessly in the hope of a bigger penis. Enlargement is achieved with scheduled workout exercises, not aimless exercises.

7. Exercises are well worth the time and effort as the gains in length and girth of the penis are permanent, they will last for life even after you stop exercising. Pills and pumps will not give permanent gains.

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Are penis exercises and jelqing programs scams?

Of course not, these are in fact the safest and the only natural method to achieve male enhancement. They are not popular because like all healthy methods, they take a little time to show results. It is just absolutely crazy for someone to exercise the penis today and expect to be bigger tomorrow.

Think of these methods as similar to going to a gym. Can you really get bigger arms or a bigger chest in a day or two, or even a week for that matter. It would take you at least a couple of weeks to show some results with sincere workouts. The penis is no different although it is technically not a muscle.

What are the fundamentals behind enlargement with exercises or jelqing?

1. The penis is made up of three large chambers that hold blood, two at the top and one at the bottom. The size is determined by the amount of blood these chambers can hold.

2. In a vast majority of adults, the chambers are smaller than what they can be due to a variety of reasons such as being over weight, having a passive sex life etc.

3. The most common reason however is that the penis is the only body part that is not exercised frequently. You use your arms, legs, neck, hands for everyday activities but use your penis very sparingly in comparison.

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4. The result is that it is often under exercised and quickly responds to exercises that stimulate growth.

What are the typical results of penis exercise programs and how long do they take?

1. This is where most men lose interest in this method because the program needs time to give you results. A typical program takes about 8 weeks although the time is well worth waiting for considering the following;

2. Exercises will result in a 2-2+ inch Permanent gain for life. In other words, you sacrifice just 6-8 minutes every day, 5 times a week for 8 weeks and be bigger for the rest of your life without having to repeat the exercises at a later stage. Most people overlook this benefit.

3. They also dramatically increase your sexual performance by giving you immense control over your ejaculation. If you were lasting just a few minutes, you will be astonished with the results that these techniques can give you.

4. Reputed exercise programs consist of more than 30 different techniques that are given out in varying intensities in a systematic step by step schedule.

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Can you still make your penis grow? According to conventional belief, making your male organ physically larger is only possible through painful and expensive surgery. But the truth of the matter is, there are plenty of different self-help methods which can help you achieve a gain in size... from the comforts and privacy of your own home! And one of the simplest ways is to just make use of your hands to stretch and massage your penis to grow it naturally AND permanently bigger!

We now understand through extensive medical studies that the average male organ is flexible enough to still increase in size, even on an adult male. The main blood chambers within your penis can still stretch in order to hold more blood within them. When this happens, the filled up chambers expand the tissues in your organ even more, causing your penis to physically grow and remain bigger in size.

"How does stretching and massaging contribute to make your penis grow bigger?"

Simply by doing stretching and massaging exercises on your organ, you naturally cause two things to happen: one, your hand actions on your penis breaks down the cell walls in the blood chambers, and causes new and larger cells to grow in place. This enlarges the chambers and increases their capacity to hold more blood. at the same time, stretching also promotes more blood to flow to your penis to fill up the chambers.

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The effect does not come about instantaneously though. As you regularly do the stretching exercises and continue to massage your male organ, you gradually enlarge the blood chambers and increase your penis blood flow. You will then notice your penis significantly larger than it was typically after 5 or 6 weeks of doing the exercises on your organ!

"But how do you go about doing the stretches and massages on your penis?"

The exercises do not get any simpler. Here is one of the several stretching routines which you have to practise in the morning: Hold your penis by its head using your fingers, then stretch it away from you and hold for about 15 seconds before letting go. After relaxing your organ, repeat the same stretching routine several times, only changing its direction (either upwards, downwards, left, or right).

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