Many years ago when I was young I had no faith in anything or anyone because I felt that what life was throwing at me was not deserved. As I have become more understanding with age I understand that everything happens for a reason. My friends laugh at me because no matter what happens I throw out my platitudes. I am known as the "Everything happens for a reason" woman. I really believe that it is true and we are meant to learn from every situation that presents itself to us.

There is so much more to the universe than we know and understand. I happen to be a great believer of spiritualism and with that does comes a belief in God. I never believed in God but have noticed in myself that I now understand and do have some faith. Although I still question my faith I am firm in the life after death argument.

What I have learnt is that our energy always needs to be positive. We only have so much energy and I no longer waste any on negativity. I feel that if you keep putting out negative thoughts then that is what the universe will give you back. I have been making sure I only send positive thoughts and the universe does reward me with positive actions coming my way. I spent many years thinking negatively about my life and all the bad things that happened but I now look at the good in any situation and always learn from anything that happens.

I find the best place to sit quietly, which I guess I could call it meditation but being the type of person I am I call it contemplating, is my conservatory. I go there because I feel relaxed and at peace in it. I have my Hunter ceiling fan on so I have a gentle breeze and as it is silent operation I have no distractions. I can sit and put the world to rights. A ceiling fan in the conservatory is a must have and as I have a remote control I can sit in one place for any length of time.

My main platitude is as I said "Everything Happens for a Reason" and positive thinking will always be better than negative. So I do believe the universe does listen to us!

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I am a woman of a certain age with strong opinions and beliefs and like to be able to voice them and hopefully people reading my articles will like them and comment as feedback is great. Visit for some peace of mind.