When you are in an argument with your partner does he say crazy things or do you feel crazy listening to his words? Blaming, turning things back around at you, and the tit for tat game are all typical behaviors of an Abusive Husband. You may think he is trying to make you feel crazy, or that perhaps he himself is off his rocker but it really is a matter of deep emotional immaturity that is at play in those situations. Emotional immaturity is a clear signal that your Abusive Husband is suffering low self esteem and insecurities typical of narcissistic personality disorder. If his behavior and words are childish that is because, emotionally, he really is just a child. Arguing, defensiveness and criticism, just like a schoolyard fight, only make the conflict worse and resolve nothing.

If you would like to know how to deal with an Abusive Husband in a more loving and effective way, there are some tried and true tips and strategies available through online resources and e-books, especially websites, books and articles dedicated to the study and research of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

How Can Reading About NPD Help?

You may be so fed up with your Abusive Husband that the last thing you want to do is read books and articles about his problem. But just as it is good advice to go into therapy yourself if you’re sick spouse refuses it for himself, reading and learning about the source, symptoms and behaviors of NPD will equip you with some great tools for changing both sides of the NPD relationship equation: you and him.

NPD and abusive behavior can not exist without a co-dependent and victim. An Abusive Husband looks to his partner for validation and mirroring but because he has such a fragile identity the NPD reflects mostly negativity and criticism. He is doing this outside his awareness.
Through studying and self help websites like www.narcissismcured.com you can learn how to be a better reflecting spouse. The tips and insightful articles at this website will have you feeling stronger and definitely less crazy right from the start. Soon you will have built skills for coping with and interacting with an Abusive Husband that could create a relationship better than you ever dreamed.

Don’t give up before you’ve educated yourself about narcissistic personality disorder and issues of co-dependence, attachment parenting and family domestic abuse because, if you don’t identify the causes in your present relationship you are highly likely to bring the same set of problems to your next relationship.

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