At at least one point in our lives, we’ve all done it. We stood in front of the mirror making sure we looked just right. Wearing our best dressed-to-impress outfit, we made sure our clothes were spotless, that every hair was in place and that no blemish was left uncovered. We’ve probably even stood there in front of the mirror before leaving for our big meeting—whether it was with a potential employer, an important business client or a hot date—and rehearsed our entrance. We practiced the first all-important handshake, pre-selected our best confident smile or carefully practiced our opening greeting.

That’s because we know first impressions count. How you present yourself in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone could impress them or distress them. We want to make sure we make our best first impression, put our best foot forward and exuded a “wow factor” from the first moment we entered the room.

The answer to these questions can be very important, especially if you are selling your home. A well-landscaped lawn could add a lot to the value of your home. More importantly, since an increasing number of house-hunters are getting their first impression of houses through pictures posted online on this site, it could mean the difference between getting a showing or getting skipped over. If the first picture of your house, a prospective buyer sees shows an overgrown lawn, they will be less likely to call for a showing.

To help enhance your home’s curb appeal and potentially add value to your home, reality experts recommend you take the following steps:

Clean it up. Invest in a few trash bags and remove of any litter or yard waste. This simple step is overlooked by many.

Spruce it up. Simple landscaping like adding edging to your yard, planting greenery around your house or even adding window boxes can make a big difference.

Size it up. Walk down the street and look at your yard objectively. If you were approaching it for the first time, what would your impression be? Does it look inviting? What is the focal point of the yard?

Generally, all landscaping features should serve to point to the front door and make the entrance to the home feel warm and inviting.

Paint it up. Of course, no amount of landscaping can make your home look attractive if the exterior paint is peeling or if the colors have faded. A fresh coat of paint can give your home a dramatic new look.

Bottom Line

Look for competency and experience in a Sunny Isles realtor. Ask questions. Which Sunny Isles realtor you finally choose is, in part, always based on gut feeling that the two of you can work together. You will need to work fairly closely with your real estate agent, and it’s important that you are comfortable with how he will handle the listing, sale, and closing of your house after renovation.

By spending just a little time and effort into your home’s yard, you can help ensure that potential buyers have a good first impression.

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