Occasionally I meet business owners who are not only great at what they do, but very fast as well. Their proprietary system gets to the heart of the matter super quickly and provides solutions in just a few sessions. This amazing efficiency has good and not-so-good aspects to it. If this describes how you do business, you could be not only short changing your clients by not providing enough access to you, but you could also be limiting your income.

Even though fast action might seem like a strength, a more thorough approach could serve you and your clients better for several reasons.

1. It takes time to implement your recommendations. When there are several changes to be made, it can be best to do them one at a time, rather than jumping in with both feet and doing everything all at once. That can be very disruptive to the client’s life or business.

2. People need time to adjust to changes. Once implemented, it takes people time to adjust to a new system. Getting used to a new way of doing things doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time to learn how things work and get comfortable.

3. New issues can crop up that were unforeseen. As clients begin to implement your proprietary system and work toward their goals, there can be a few bumps in the road. You want to be there for them as they continue the transition and handle issues.

4. Allow your clients time to do things right the first time. Another reason it makes sense to implement a new system one step at a time is to keep from making mistakes that stem from rushing. Making changes after the process has started, takes more time and can be more costly than doing things right from the first time around.

5. More access to you creates more income. I’m not suggesting you drag out the process within your proprietary system just so you can make more money. But, the outcome is more support for your clients, better results and more income for you all at the same time.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Take a look at your proprietary system. Do you have enough steps to logically take a client through your process? Do they get enough time to work through everything and still have access to you while implementing the changes? If not, then consider adding a couple of steps to ensure clients get the support they need from you for success.

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