Communication with clients & prospects is the key for any trade to require the lead. It is necessary to keep a simple way for clients to reach. The toll-free number is utilized to engage clients & make it simpler for them. They can reach you 24/7 without being charged. This can be the reason why marketers lean toward 1800 numbers. This can be a profitable instrument for businesses of all sorts. With tons of uncommon features, which come free with the Toll-Free 1800 number and 10-digit virtual portable number and you'll be able to offer your callers a world-class involvement over the phone.
The features which an organization can get from their tollfree number service provider.
1. Call Recording - Analyzing customer conversations to understand the requirements of the callers.
2. Call Tracking - Tracking and monitoring all business calls to ensure that the organization do not miss any potential leads.
3. Push Report - Get detailed analytical reports of business calls via SMS and email (in CSV format).
4. Live Dashboard - Monitoring the number of calls connected and missed by each department in the organization where toll free Is implemented.
5. Live Call Info - Get ongoing call details for each incoming phone call directly on the web panel.
6. Performance report – Analyzing the daily call volume and measure performance of individual agents.
7. Multi-Level IVR - Customized IVR flow with welcome note as per organization’s choice and handling multiple calls simultaneously.
8. After Hours Call routing - Route calls to specific agents or mobile number even after office hours and stay available 24*7.
9. Live Call Transfer - Transfer ongoing calls without disconnecting them and enhance callers’ experience.
10. Voicemail Facility - Let the callers leave their message in the voicemail when none of the agents are available in the organization.
11. Call Forwarding – Forwarding business calls instantly to reduce the waiting time of the callers.
12. Sticky Agent - Connects the caller to the same agent, provided he/she calls within a specified threshold time.
13. Call Routing - Connect the callers directly with their concerned department basis their input in the IVR menu.
14. Call Queuing – Systematic queuing of calls to attain each and every caller.
15. Multiple Parallel Calls – Allowing agents to attain parallel calls at the same time.
16. Simultaneous Routing - Connect your callers directly with their concerned department basis their input in the IVR menu.
17. Balanced Call Routing – Customized call routing agents like routing 50 calls to Agent A. If A completes the 50 calls then the call will be automatically route to Agent B.
18. Peak Calling Hours – Maintaining the call quality and service at the time of peak calling hours.
19. Notifications - Get notified about important updates to improve the organizational’ s business’s internal communication.
20. SSL Security - Secure communications between the web browser and server through data encryption.
21. Block Caller - Weed out unnecessary callers or contacts by blocking them directly from the web panel.
22. Click to Call - Making outbound calls directly from the web panel to follow up with the missed calls.
23. On-Hold Music - Keeping the callers entertained while an organization are forwarding or transferring their call to agents.
24. Role-Based Panel - Assign each pro user with a distinct role to enable and disable certain permissions.
25. Custom Sender Id - Sending messages to the customers using the organization’s business name to increase brand awareness.
26. Custom Main Greeting - Greet the callers with a welcome message to personalize their on-call experience.
27. Existing phone - Receiving customer calls on the organization’s existing mobile phones and landline devices to save cost.
28. Storage - Get ongoing call details for each incoming phone call directly on the web panel.
29. Schedule Campaign - Get ongoing call details for each incoming phone call directly on the web panel.
30. Faster setup – Virtual and easy to setup tollfree number technology
Those above features are the cutting edge features of toll-free numbers which a service provider should provide to their customers. This feature will take the organization one step ahead from their competitors.

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Sayantan Das, Digital Marketing Executive, Microtalk Communications Pvt Ltd. Microtalk communication is a tier 1 ISP in India. Microtalk is also a DOT licensed approved telecom service provider in India that manages an average of 40 million calls in a month.