Is the Law of Attraction as good as it sounds and does it really work? You may remember all the hype about the Law of Attraction that the movie, The Secret” stirred up a few years ago. Like most others who watched this excellent movie, I was delighted both with the hope it inspired in the hearts of millions, as well as the presentation of such knowledge in a pleasant and familiar format: a movie.

But The Secret, many claimed, had not disclosed the complete key to using the Law of Attraction after all, and many were disillusioned and, to say the least, disappointed. The movie actually reported accurately, but given the time constraints, could not explain in great enough detail, just how one could implement using the Law of Attraction in daily life and actually gain the desired results.

Does the Law of Attraction really work? The answer is an absolute Yes! It is a universal law, a law that works every time, no matter what.

So why are you not living in your new house and driving your new car with your soul mate beside you? The answer lies not in failure of the Law of Attraction to work, but in the obstructions we place in the way of allowing us to receive and experience what we desire. And this is key to understanding how to use this law powerfully and to manifest our desired outcomes with joy and gratitude.

The Law of Attraction requires we align our energy with the energy needed to fulfil the desire: allowing the manifestation to come to us. To receive my desired outcome I must be aligned energetically with it. As I want to live with my soul mate in that new mansion overlooking the ocean, with swaying palm trees and a four car garage, my limiting belief may be that I will need to have a high income, to first purchase the property, then to maintain it and to live the corresponding life style.

Immediately I am saying to the universe, I want it, but I can’t have now it because I’m not rich enough. There is therefore no vibrational alignment, is there? So what can I do to change my limiting belief, self-imposed I might add, and begin to change my energy from one of I’m not good enough, to I deserve this? Note that the issue here is with my current identity of being powerless and not good enough, and I want to get to believing myself to be capable and worthy.

Now if I currently work in a nine to five job and only earn $55,000 p.a. I may have to make some changes in my life style and particularly in my attitude to wealth. The same principle applies to attracting your soul mate – you will attract someone like yourself. So to attract someone more than you are, you must become more than you are. Do you see a pattern emerging here?

It always comes back to a question of personal identity. Who do I believe I am? Am I worthy of living in a mansion by the sea? Am I capable of generating the kind of income I would need to sustain the lifestyle of which I dream? Am I attractive enough to win the heart of my soul mate? This kind of questioning is fundamental to manifesting our desires. Am I smart enough, capable enough, worthy enough, lovable enough to experience these brilliant results that I desire?

If the answer is No, then I need to change my energy to correspond with the energy of a person who does deserve these experiences so that I can allow the gift to come to me. It is as simple as that.

The Law of Attraction calls for a vibrational alignment of my energies with what I want in order to manifest the desired results. You have to be generating the level of vibratory resonance that corresponds to your vision and desire so that you can accept the gift being offered.

How do I change my energy? How do I raise my vibration? We have the spiritual technology to help you change whatever needs changing in your energy and are happy to share this with you, especially through our Life Transformation Coaching. The Law of Attraction will indeed deliver, and does so every time. And the universe will be able to deliver when you decide to change into the abundant and creative being you truly are so that you can ask, accept and allow your desires to manifest. The Law of Attraction works like clockwork; it is we who have raised the blocks of limiting beliefs to stop its perfect delivery – up till now.

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