Dog perfumes and dog cologne is used mostly for preventing the dog from smelling foul. However, there is another more potent reason for the use of these items. Dog cologne and dog perfumes are also good for the health of the pet dog.

Multiple Benefits of Using Dog Perfumes

Multiple benefits are derived by the use of dog perfumes.
It generates an appealing smell replacing the pungent odor that often comes out of an unclean dog.
They contain ingredients moisturizing the coat of the dog and gives out a pleasant smell at the same time.
The product has the ability to prevent matting of the dog’s coat.

Spray to Add Slimmer

Use of a little spray adds to the slimmer of the dog coat.
In addition to keeping the smell good, it also helps dog coats to slimmer.
Adding a little spray of perfume will help people getting closer to their pet dogs without having to be disturbed by doggie smell.

Different Varieties with Common Objective

While the dog perfumes come in different varieties, one objective is common. It is meant to do away the dog smell that is pretty disturbing for many and may also include the pet owner besides the visitors and family members. Features of dog perfumes and colognes are –
They are available in multiple varieties.
All of them are specially designed to provide a pleasing smell.
The smell is good not only for the owner but the dog as well.
It could be delicate blend of flowers or may contain essential oils.
Lavender as well as chamomile is a couple of common soothing elements.
Use of peppermint can shine out the dog coat and it is also one of the best deodorizers.

Time Constraint

Most of the dog owners suffer from time constraint and are not able to take proper care of neatness and cleanliness of the dogs. On the other hand the dog spending more time outdoors may pick up scents that would render the dog socially unacceptable. In such cases spraying a little cologne on the dog coat would substantially help.

A word of caution for the dog owners is that they should check the perfume or cologne before directly applying them on the dog coats.

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