Dog eye diseases are often genetic, but others are a natural consequence of aging. Many eye diseases are the loose skin of the face, which happens in mixed breeds and pure as offline. The traumatic eye diseases are sometimes caused by hereditary factors, although it can always be related to genetics.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a serious hereditary eye disease caused by the deterioration of retinal cells, in which the dog is able to see, static objects. Causes blurred vision about five years. Pure-bred breeding animals should be screened for this disease. Ask your vet about the various certification bodies, such as CERF. Some dogs affected treatment, but the treatment is unlikely. May lose a dog with PRA affected his vision, but blindness is not lethal. If the vision is reduced slowly, the dog can adapt and live a normal life as a pet.

Entropion: A dog can inherit a predisposition to this condition, the symptoms can lead at any age. It is a serious threat to the life of the dog, but if you are determined to be hereditary, affected dogs should not be bred. Entropion is caused by excess skin around the dog's eyes that roll to the lid of the eyes of the dog (upper or lower) inwards. With smooth skin, hair, eyelid scrubs the cornea of the dog, which can lead to severe irritation. Secondary conjunctivitis usually accompanies entropion, and the dog squints often discomfort. This condition can be determined by a relatively simple surgical procedure.

Ectropion: Ectropion is another problem that can be surgically eyelid. If too many loose facial skin causes eyelids to sag too, the exposed conjunctiva subject to contamination. Predisposition to the situation is sometimes inherited, but can also occur in mixed breeds.

Cataracts: Normally, a condition found in older dogs can be inherited cataracts. A cataract is opacity in the lens, which is arranged directly behind the diaphragm. Finally, can not lead to blindness this condition be treated medically. Cataracts or removing the lens is surgically possible. Surgery is expensive, even if it of trained veterinary ophthalmologists performed could lead to complications.

Glaucoma: This disease is often transmitted genetically. This results when the fluid pressure raises in the eyeball, in significant discomfort and possible blindness what. Glaucoma is diagnosed with special veterinary equipment and is both medically and surgically treated with good results. These are some of the diseases of the eye infections in dogs and other pets.

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