More and more people are turning to appropriate pet insurance to guard against the ever increasing cost of veterinary fees and charges. Finding insurance is not at all difficult and you do not need to pay a lot for basic cover, but dog insurance for life is the option which will provide the most effective protection for your beloved pet, while protecting your pocket in the long term.

The main problem with many policies is that they provide a certain level of cover for vet fees, but that limit only applies for the term of the policy. If you have an annual policy and you need to claim a couple of months before it runs out, you will only be able to claim for two months. If your dog is unfortunate enough to develop an illness or condition that is ongoing and long term in nature, you will not be covered for the rest of your pet’s life.

This is where dog insurance for life comes into its own and is proving to be increasingly popular. Naturally you will expect to pay more for a higher level of cover, but proper protection in the fist place can actually work out much cheaper in the longer term. A lifetime cover policy will protect your pet up to a certain limit, but this will apply for as long as your dog lives. So if the limit of your cover is £12,000 for example, you have the whole of your dog’s life to reach that limit.

Depending on the policy you go for, some will have an annual limit and others will just apply over the life of the cover. For example, one type of dog insurance will tell you how much cover you have for each item, such as vets fees, and this will be the limit for any one year. Each year the limit will start again. So you could in theory claim up to that amount each year if your pet had an ongoing medical problem. On the other hand, your policy could be one that gives upper limits for claims that apply over the lifetime of your dog.

The cost of policies can vary a lot, so you need to ensure you are comparing like with like when you are looking for the best one. There are many different things you can get cover for, and the level of cover you get will also affect the price of your premiums. It is therefore worth taking time to be aware of differences between levels of cover when comparing your options. The other factor that can significantly impact on how much you pay is any excess built into your policy. This too can be different for each type of cover you have, so you need to understand the differences.

Other important types of cover to look out for with dog insurance for life policies are whether your cover includes paying for any complementary treatments, treatments for any behavioural problems, advertising costs for a lost or stolen pet, death from injury or illness and cancellation of holidays. One element that you should always check carefully for with dog insurance is third party cover. This covers you for damage to property or injury to people as a result of anything your pet does. If anything was to occur, the costs of this type of claim can be very substantial, so this aspect of insurance is very important. Make sure this part of your policy has an adequate level of cover.

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