Most people claim to be either a dog person or a cat person, there are very few who like both types of animals equally. A typical cat will come to you for food,
a cuddle, a rest when it is tired, and then go out for hours where you have no idea of where it is or what it is doing. A typical dog will come to you for food,
a cuddle, a rest when it is tired, but want to be with you more and miss you a lot when you are elsewhere.

For practical purposes most would say that a cat is easier to look after, less time consuming, less work, less expense, but those who love dogs will say they much prefer canines because the dog is more needy, more loving and more bonded with them.

Cats are ideal for those who go out to work full-time. You can put them outside to fend for themselves and they will happily do their own thing all day. A dog would pine and get upset and maybe start to chew things up or damage things if it is left on it's own that long. The only way you might be able to avoid that is by having two that play with each other. Cats are easier if you go on holidays regularly as you can just get a neighbour to come in and put food down for them.

I have had cats and dogs and realise that for every dog person out there there is a cat person too. Some people love dogs but get cats because of their lifestyles, rather than because they prefer them.

Whether you get a dog or cat is up to you, only you know which is best for your personality, lifestyle etc. Whichever you get you might find it is a good idea to get your pet clothing. Some cats are hairless, some dogs are - the Chinese Crested hairless, if it is true to it's breed would freeze during the winter without warm clothing. The place I recommend for designer dogs' coats at cheap prices is There is a huge choice for all breeds of dogs and they understand that the dogs must be comfortable and cosy as well as looking great. You cannot get these garments anywhere else.

Author's Bio: 

Rosemary Price, well known clairvoyant.