Oh, the cone of shame. You know, that plastic lampshade encircling some poor dog’s head when they’re recovering from a surgery or injury? The good news is that there are better options out there. Also known as Elizabethan dog collars, or E-collars, we’ve rounded up a selection of comfier choices for your doggo, plus some great alternatives, like the full-body recovery suit, which acts as a second skin to your pet, protecting their stitches and wounds.

When Do You Need an Elizabethan Dog Collar?

It’s important to follow your vet’s orders and use E-collars to prevent further serious health and safety complications that can be caused by your dog licking or chewing injured areas, ripping out stitches, or undoing wound dressings. We can’t lie, your dog is not going to love wearing an E-collar, but they do often come around to it with time.

In the case of Elizabethan collars, size matters. Look for adjustable collars to ensure a proper fit and be sure to measure your dog to determine if the length of the cone’s perimeter is right for your pup. Avoid collars that are too long—disrupting eating and drinking, or too short—allowing your dog to reach their injuries.

Why buy a recovery suit for dog or cat?

Fortunately, a dog surgical suit can solve these problems. It can make your dog feel comfortable after treatment or surgery while protecting its healing wounds. Of course, the dog Surgical recovery suit has more advantages:
1. Besides healing wounds, dog recovery suits can protect the dog's skin, bandages, and ointments from any bites, licks, or scratches.
2. Protect the dog from the harm of other animals and children.
3. Unlike cones, dogs wearing recovery suits can eat, drink, entertain, and other daily activities.
4. Keep the dog warm after the operation to avoid getting sick due to postoperative weakness.
5. It can be matched with a separate leg support wrap to protect your dog in all directions, allowing the dog to recover quickly after the operation.
6. A variety of colored dog recovery suits can help you find the dog easily.

Dog recovery suits are onesies that help pets recover from injury or surgery.

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