"No one can fully understand the meaning of love unless he's owned a dog" - Gene Hill.

With over 57% of the total population owning a dog, the USA has the highest rate of pet ownership. And most of the time, they consider them as their kid. They groom their pets, throw them birthday parties, buy them toys- basically do everything they would do to their own kids.

Though some people say these people are spoiling their pets, they argue that they are only making sure their pet gets the life they deserve.

Are you spoiling your pet?

We love our pets so much that sometimes we don't even realize we are spoiling them. And I don't blame you. Because when your puppy gazes into your eyes with it's so-called "puppy eyes," it releases a hormone called "Oxytocin," also known as the love hormone.

It is alright to show your love to your dogs, but you should know what is right and what is wrong. Carrying your dog when the pavement is too hot is right. But do not always carry them around just because they are small and cute.

Okay, so what if I spoil my dog?

Dogs are part of your family. And it's completely okay to think of your dog as your son/daughter. But dogs aren't humans, the things that are good for humans aren't good for them.

Showering them with love and treats all the time can cause behavioral problems. My aunt once had a dachshund, which she would always keep inside the house and give him toys and all. He would run around and play with everyone in the family but gets extremely aggressive if someone else enters the house.

For a long time, she would just put him in another room if there is a visitor. But then they (finally) decided to seek help from a professional dog trainer. He explained the reason for the dog's behavior and told us we were only making him more anxious by putting him in a different room.

Do's and don'ts:

Have a routine and feed them only during the specified time. Do not feed them again when you are eating.
Spoil your dog by playing games with him, and giving him belly rubs, not carrying him around everywhere.
Some people would feed their dogs the same food they eat. Most of the foods we eat are not healthy for your fur babies. Consult with your vet if you are unsure about the diet.
Keep your dog on a leash while going for walks and make sure he/she walks close to you.
Though cute collars and simple costumes are good, do not get them a wardrobe full of bulky costumes.
Know the basics of dog training.

What to look for in a dog trainer?

Since the field of dog training is unregulated, there is no specific course or certificate to get approved as a dog trainer. However, the certification from the Council For Professional Dog Trainers (CFPDT) is considered to be a standard qualification. You can find it if you check their website, or you can look them up in ThreeBestRated. They are an Independent, multi-national ranking website.

Do some research about the trainer. How long has he been a trainer? What method does he use to train the dogs? Because each trainer has their own method to train dogs. And since this is uncharted water, you can't be sure which is the right one for your dog. So, talk to them first and ask them about their training methods before committing to one.

"Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail," - Anonymous.

Your dog is your best friend, so make sure you are his.

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Sara Wilson is the Social Media Specialist for ThreeBestRated®. She is also an aspiring writer/blogger who enjoys writing pieces about health and lifestyle. In her free time, you can either find her reading a book in the comfort of her own room or on the roads, exploring new places.