Comfort Flow, Inc. has just introduced a new Orthopedic Dog Bed that is not just another foam bed. This bed utilizes Geometric Flow Technology which a Patent Pending concept that equalizes pressure within the dog bed and virtually eliminates pressure points. This allows your dog to have a painless and restful sleep.

All dogs need quality rest. Dogs that are prone to hip and joint issues MUST have quality rest on a proper dog bed. Just ask your vet.

The following is the basis for our new product.

It is a known and proven fact that pain causes stress. Pain in humans or in animals. Stress is proven to break down our bodies in many ways. All of this is well known and medically documented. Therefore, to the extent one can reduce pain, there has to be a medical benefit to that.

It is therefore a logical step to assume that if a dog with hip or joint discomfort could rest without pain, its life would improve. It is also well known that dogs with these ailments experience pressure points when laying on most ortho dog beds because the pain is mostly in the hips which are one of the most dense and heavy parts of the body. When these more dense and heavy body parts rest on a bed they depress the bed and limit or eliminate the cushioning effect of the normal ortho dog bed by compressing its sole component, some type of foam.

Well now there is an answer to this. The Comfort-Flow Orthopedic Dog Bed utilizes the revolutionary Geometric Support Pad that equalizes the pressure placed on the bed and therefore keeps any one part of the dog’s body from experiencing any undo pressure. This Geometric Flow technology neutralizes the normal pressure points and thus pain is relieved. See our home page for the illustrations that show this effect visually. Our bed is clearly a necessary piece to your dog’s good health.

The features of our bed consist of the following:
A zippered, removable and washable outer cover.
A water resistant inner liner to protect the foam from
accidents, odor and soiling.
The highest quality memory foam.
A non-skid bottom, and
The revolutionary, Patent Pending Geometric Support
Pad which equalizes pressure and virtually
eliminates pressure points to allow a painless
and therapeutic resting place for your dog.

Check us out at and see for yourself. We guarantee it is the most comfortable dog bed on the market, period!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a retired business executive with expertise in business start-ups. With no one attempting to address the issues of dog hip and joint pain, he used his prior manufacturing experience and developed this revolutionary dog bed.