We all were about to sit in meditation when suddenly there was commotion, a friend's dog had somehow walked into the hall. It came to me, jumped on my lap and started to lick my face. Even though I was discussing a serious topic with a serious crowd, with the dog in my lap I suddenly became a child and started to giggle. Seeing me being overpowered by a canine's affection, everybody started to laugh. We all experienced a joyous moment thanks to the dog.
Humanity owes a lot to its canine friends. In stone age it was the unique partnership between men and animals which led the human species to flourish. While men slept carefree in their tents and teepees, it was the dogs who protected the humans and alerted them of dangers. With the help of man's best friend, men could hunt fierce and swift prey which would be out of human reach sans the canine help. Even in wars of men, dogs play crucial role, protecting its human, completely unaware of the cause of human conflict. The dog, braving death and starvation with a singular motivation being unconditional love for its master.
Dogs were friends, comrades, companions but more then anything, dogs played a crucial role in survival.
Today, we may have outgrown our partnership with these wonderful creatures, yet we must not forget the debt owned.
We must understand dogs are a result of artificial selection, meaning that we have evolved the beings according to our whims taking away many of their instincts essential for survival in the wild.
Through our encroachments of green belts, the royal faithful dog has been reduced to a status
of pests in a highly urban environment with its survival dependent of scavenging from our garbage.
Humanity commands us to plan our infrastructure, provisioning somehow for these beings.
Till that day comes, be kind to these animals and you will find your kindness being repaid a million times.
The place where I teach meditation, all animals are treated with love, somehow this dog sensed my love for its species and came running into the hall, ignoring two hundred people came straight to me and showered me with love. Showing that it has a evolved awareness and sensitivity towards Human emotions. Showing that dogs are alive and intelligent and kind. The dog was the epitome of unconditional love.
Love you bless you
Namah shivay

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