If you think about it, health is practically everything, no two ways about it! There is a saying that a healthy man has a thousand things on his mind, while an ill man has only one. Still, no matter how important, health isn’t just a proper diet and a positive mind-set, it’s also movement, physical activity, making your body work and remain active, but, nevertheless, a lot of people avoid that seemingly tedious fact, while they ironically sit and simply wish they could do something to improve their appearance and well-being in the first place. There is no recipe for instant results, it’s all just plain hard work, but there are ways to lessen the consequences of such efforts and make everything more appealing, strain-free and enjoyable…

First off, every physical activity is somewhat a cardiovascular exercise, but focusing on that type of aerobic work will influence gradual fat loss. Burning calories depends on the intensity and continuity of challenging your heart and lungs to use oxygen as a source of body fuel; and there are many aerobic activities that have a similar effect on our bodies: rowing, swimming, running, walking and cycling being the most popular. It’s up to you to choose what muscle groups you wish to engage in the process of losing weight, or even gaining mass (depending what your goal is to begin with), but not every method can be done without breaking a decent sweat.


You’ve probably seen countless of men and women running on tracks, or independent routes throughout the city/village/beach/stadium/etc., but they all look exhausted when you notice them on the sidelines and that’s what discourages many people to do the same. Kudos to them for being diligent, the benefits are immense, but running also tends to strain the joints, due to forceful hitting every time your feet land on the surface. Also, you can easily tire yourself out, especially if you force the matter. Walking, however, may not have the same intensity, but it gets the circulation going, reduces tension and improves heart efficiency, among many other things. It’s always good to walk, but if you’re craving for serious results, then you might need to rethink your approach to exercising.


This is the solution to many problems, because cycling is perfect for a thorough and fun exercise without breaking that much sweat. You have speed, control, easy movement, entertainment and once you get those pedals going you will burn more calories, increase your metabolic rate, and enhance your endurance, strength and athletic performance… All that without putting much strain to your joints and other body parts. All you need is a good bicycle, which may cost a little money, but if you purchase the right one and upgrade it with some practical bike accessories like a better set of wheels, a GPS system, fenders, a bottle holder, or a long tail… you will surely rule the road. So, for all you people who want to do a decent cardio that won’t exhaust you completely and compromise your health, this will be one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make.


Swimming is practically the best sport for body development. It is said that it is the most natural way to build up and tone your body, since we all have aquatic traits in our genes and generally enjoy the feel of water. Rowing, too, is an aquatic sport, but its intensity and level of fitness is for those who are determined to last and are physically capable to begin with. Fatigue is a common occurrence in these sports, but if you have the will to overcome such difficulties, to hone your skills and endure all of the hardships, this will definitely be one of the best ways to sculpt your body into something stout, healthy and appealing.

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My name is Goran Bogunovic. For the last fifteen years I've been hitting the gym and experimenting on myself so that I could share my first-hand experience with all of you good people here. My texts are written from my own perspective and every piece of advice I share with you is from my personal experience.