Prostatitis is a grinding disease. It can hinder men's daily lives, reduce their quality of life, and even make men suffer great mental and physical suffering.

Therefore, it is necessary to receive timely treatment if men want to get rid of prostatitis faster. The treatment of prostatitis is mainly drug therapy. If bacteria are found in urine tests, oral antibiotics such as doxycycline, minocycline, roxithromycin, and clarithromycin are recommended. If it is nonbacterial, it is recommended to take traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can penetrate the prostate to eliminate the symptoms and cause to prevent recurring.

Besides, pay more attention to some dietary habits will make prostatitis recover faster.

It's better to avoid these two things.

1. Avoid raw, cold, and spicy food

To eat less spicy food, such as scallion, raw garlic, pepper, pepper, and other stimulating food. Because these foods cause vasodilation and organ congestion. Some patients with prostatitis have the habit of eating spicy food, and they often can control when the symptoms of the disease are severe. Still, when the symptoms are relieved, they relapse, which is also a fundamental reason for the protracted and refractory prostatitis. Also, it is forbidden to eat beef, mutton, seafood, etc.

2. Less smoking and alcohol

Alcohol is a kind of drink with a vasodilative effect. It can cause congestion of internal organs, and the prostate is no exception. Because some young people have long-term drinking or even drinking habits, their prostatitis is not easy to cure. Even if it healed, it is very easy to relapse. Smoking is harmful to health. Nicotine, tar, nitrosamines, carbon monoxide, and other toxic substances in cigarettes can directly poison the prostate tissue and interfere with the nerve function controlling blood vessels, affect the blood circulation of the prostate, and aggravate the congestion of the prostate.

You can eat more of these four foods.

1. Eat more apples

In the study, searches found that eating apples for a long time can prevent the occurrence of prostatitis, so eating apples is also very helpful for the treatment of prostatitis. In the prostatic fluid of patients with prostatitis, the zinc content of people with prostatitis is usually significantly lower than that of ordinary people. It is difficult to improve in the process of later treatment of prostatitis. Only when the disease of patients with prostatitis is cured, the zinc content will return to normal.

Prostatitis patients eat apples to supplement zinc, not only without any side effects but also conducive to the absorption and utilization of the human body; this effect is better than taking medicine, so patients with prostatitis should eat more apples.

2. Eat more Vitamin-rich food

Patients can eat more vitamin-rich food during the onset, especially tomatoes and carrots, supplementing a lot of beta carotene and lycopene. Besides, you can also eat more kiwi fruit, grapefruit, and citrus fruits, which have the effects of clearing away heat and promoting body fluid, and it can treat the urine pain caused by prostatitis.

3. Eat more diuretic food

Prostatitis patients should also eat some diuretic staple food, such as red beans, mung beans, soybeans, and black beans. And the water content of wax gourd is sufficient. Eat wax gourd usually has a diuretic effect, which can make people urine to eliminate body toxins. When patients with prostatitis appear astringent pain when urinating, they can choose to eat some mung bean porridge, which is better for relieving pain.

The above is about prostatitis food introduction. No matter whether you are sick or not, you should pay attention to your diet. It is also essential to eat foods beneficial for your body according to your physical condition. Of course, don't eat foods that you can't eat.

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