I'm sure the title of this article alone has evoked all kinds of side-eyes and frowny faces. I'm sure you're thinking 'uh, how and why do I have to learn to be single? 'I AM single. I'm doing it now' Ahh you are indeed-but are you doing it well? Stay with me here. There is a difference to doing single well and doing it not so well.
What doing single well looks like

having enjoyable hobbies and interests.
having hope and enthusiasm for the future
looking your best because it make you feel great
knowing your the absolute bees knees
loving yourself so much that you could scream

What doing single not so well looks like

being indecisive or confused about what you should do
living with regret and apprehension
looking good just in case you meet someone
loving yourself-except for a few flaws

So how are ya doing?

The thing wish more singles would recognize is that being single is not some type of 'state' you're in. One that will miraculously be reversed when you meet your perfect mate and giddy-up off into the sunset. If you are not living you happiest most rocking life now, chances are that meeting the man of your dreams isn't going make that shift for you.

Only you can make that shift for you!

I mean do we really want to hand over that power to someone else? I'm going to venture to say no. I don't know about you but I don't know anyone more qualified in my personal happiness development than moi.

My advice to you? Do single and do it well. Love your self intensely. Pamper yourself. Look good, get your hair done, update your wardrobe for you. Having trouble making that shift? It's OK. Take baby steps, little steps still add up to big distance traveled.

With tons of love and gratitude

Author's Bio: 

Alicia Edmonson is a Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner. Avidly interested in Angels she incorporates angelic spirituality into her practice and products.