I’ve said it a thousand times before and you probably have as well – “I’m doing the best that I can!”

I never questioned that declaration in the past nor have I stopped to think anything about it, until yesterday.

Reflecting on my life over this past year, I thought about my accomplishments, the projects I created, and how I managed on my own to care for five pets, a school-age child, a home, and a new business.

While pondering my successes, I also had to admit my not-so-finer moments. Yes, there were times when I completely lost it, gave way too much in an unbalanced relationship, and accrued debt that I wasn’t anticipating.

My excuse was all too easy to shoot back – “But I did the best that I could.” For the first time after I said that, I immediately thought, “Did I really do my BEST? Was that my greatest potential?” Did I have a rockstar year giving it absolutely all?”

I realize that we make life choices with the information that we have at the time, and most of us try to do what’s good for all concerned.

But since I had been delving deep into personal growth and eliminating subconscious beliefs and programs that didn’t work for me anymore, I really had to look at this.

Was I using that as an excuse? Was this belief reinforcing in my outer world what I held true in my inner world? I did not want the universe thinking that was the best I could do.

My “best” involved a lot more – a life where I could wake up in my own home with my girl and our pets and lots of land. I would be overwhelmed with personal joy, abundance, love, well-being, peace, and gratitude everyday. My work would reach millions of people and inspire them to journey on a path of self-discovery. I would contribute generously to nature and animal welfare causes.

So I knew I wasn’t quite there yet, but I was certainly working toward that goal. I had to reframe my mind and beliefs though.

If you’ve ever studied the law of attraction principles, you understand how our subconscious patterns, thoughts, and emotions solidify into the reality that we live in.

It’s interesting how one little thought can hit you like a lightning bolt. I had been saying and intending to live my greatest path but was inadvertently blocking its manifestation by declaring it was already done. I was sending the universe mixed messages.

This limiting belief was brought to my conscious awareness for a reason and I knew it had to shift. I refused to let that be my max point – I was not capped off already living my greatest destiny. That wasn’t all I had. I was capable of so much more.

Instead of feeling disempowered and defeated by thinking, “But I’m doing and trying my best!” I wanted to exude a more empowered state of mind.

I made a declaration that anytime I thought about challenging relationships, money worries, or the few pounds I’ve put on for example, I would turn my perspective into something positive.

With goddess-like grace, I would say things like, “Yes! I had an exciting year. I’ve gained so much wisdom. I have simplified my life and surrounded myself with supportive people. I’m actively building my company so that its messages can be brought to seekers around the world!”

This is what self-awareness and conscious evolution does. It brings to the forefront anything that doesn’t serve you anymore. Your intuition gives you a nudge and asks, “Hmm…is that what you really want to be putting out there? Why don’t you consider a new belief and perspective?”

Be the bliss, Alice

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Alice enjoys teaching others about personal and spiritual development. Visit her on Facebook at Alice Landry - Wealth & Wisdom.