Successful people know that doing something right once which produces multiple results is the way to increase productivity and income. This is apparent with information marketers who create a course once and then resell it over and over again or network marketers who build a downline and that downline earns them residual income. This is a great example of how doing something once right can pay immense dividends.

So how do you get started?

Begin by thinking in two time lines - right now and in the future.

For example, what project can you implement that will give you a return now and be repurposed for recurring income in the future?

Let me give you a personal example that happened by chance.

In 2006, I wrote and published a book about turning around the misbehavior of strong willed children - Acceptable Behavior Checkbook.

Someone who purchased my book asked if I did private coaching. At the time, I wasn’t doing a lot of coaching but decided that teaching others how to implement my system, made sense.

I quickly put together a three-session Fast Start program to help parents create a relationship with strong-willed children based on inspiring trust and respect. On the first session, I asked the parents if they would permit me to record the sessions in exchange for a reduced rate in coaching. They agreed and now I have three hours of parent coaching that has been turned into a valuable and useful information product.

This info product was effortlessly created when I was earning money coaching so it met two criteria. It made money in the present and is also continuing to bring in revenue in the future.

Another great example came from my VA (Virtual Assistant). It had to do with the concept of repurposing.

My VA suggested I write and post articles as a promotion method to drive visitors to my site. When she suggested that I thought, “Great idea, but I don’t have time.” Then I thought, “What if I used the content from my monthly free teleconference call to craft an article?” That was a winner.

I reviewed my script, crafted an article, my VA edited and then posted it on line. That was another winner which didn’t take as much time as I thought. Now, when I pick topics for my free teleconference calls, I think of whether it would make a good article or not.

Before you begin your next project, think in two time lines so you can maximize your results and your life.

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Monique Gallagher, is an expert in helping women grow themselves and their careers from a place of passion and purpose. She teaches her clients how to move past inhibiting beliefs, get into action, and create a unique brand identity. Monique is a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach and a certified Cybernetic Transposition coach. Meet Monique on her FREE “Taking the Brakes Off” Tele-seminar, which is the first Tuesday of every month. Sign up at: Also visit: