One customer surnamed Yu claimed that there were only customers name, telephone information on the consignment bill even without the article name or the specific destination.

He also presented a photo to prove such uncompleted information on the consignment bill.

He claimed that he posted two computers through Guangzhou Tongda Express Company on April 13, but he was told the computers were lost three days later.

The delivery fee for the two computers was 8 Yuan; he was told he can get compensation which is three times of the delivery fee. He was surprised because he can only get 24 Yuan compensation while the two computers were worth over 10,000 Yuan.

The customer went to the Express Company and presented the receipt while showed wrong shipment date. Mr. Yu was really disappointed with the service and he was told he can get no more than 2,000 Yuan compensation.

Industrial and commercial administration working staff said he can get full compensation and the amount should be equal to the goods value once presenting all the bills and receipt or invoice.

Industrial and commercial administration working staff also said customers should choose good reputation Express Companies to deliver goods.

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