I am an expert at domestic violence relationships because I have been there. I know the fear and uncertainty involved. I understand the pain and sickening feeling. I have lived the criticism, hardship, heartache, and overwhelming fear.
Domestic violence is a serious issue that we need to eliminate. There is no reason to hit someone. If you are that unhappy being with someone, then leave. Don't harm them.
I know the severe consequences that are involved mentally from the abuse. Many disorders can arise from the abuse. Some examples are Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks, Depression, Co-Dependency, and many others.
It's a shame that so many people suffer from abuse in this world. We live in a broken world. We can rise and change things with awareness and standing up to the perpetrators and leaving. No matter how you get free, you need to attempt freedom. No one deserves to be a prisoner to someone else and that is what you are. Their prisoner.
Also, we need to be aware of the subtle clues. In the beginning they may seem perfect. They may be slightly jealous and a little controlling. They may be quick to anger or say things that hurt your feelings. They may manipulate you.
Manipulation, name calling, controlling, and put-downs are abuse. They are emotional and mental abuse. All the forms of abuse are detrimental to your mental health. Physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse ALL have severe consequences. Be aware and don't fall victim to abuse.

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Brittany Gunderson is a new author but her books are not published yet. You can follow her on twitter at twitter.com/BLG2011MOMOF2 You can see her Youtube videos. She has a blog at blg2011motherof2.wordpress.com and you can keep up with her on facebook at facebook.com/authorbrittanygunderson

Brittany is the mother of 2 amazing boys and spends her time helping others and spreading awareness.