SYNOPSIS: The article compares between material wealth vs Dominical wealth. The article tries to summarise that beyond livelihood requirement & purpose, material wealth has little value or usage. But we tend to go on accumulating material wealth for generations to come and in doing so forget to earn Dominical wealth, thus wasting our human life. We earn feeble by acquiring material wealth and lose the great opportunity to earn gem in form of Dominical wealth.

What is the definition of a “great wealth” ? Two principles define the greatness of a wealth.

First Principle: A great wealth should have universal acceptance. (For example Euro is accepted in most European countries. Therefore due to better acceptance in Europe, Euro is superior to individual currency of any European country.)

Second Principle: A great wealth should have power to purchase anything & everything.

Worldly wealth, when put to trial on the above two principles will fail miserably on both counts.

When put to test on the first principle (a great wealth should have universal acceptance), we will find that even if we invent a World currency (which is universally accepted all over the world), then too it will not work in other planets. Leave aside planets, it will even not work everywhere on the earth. For example, if one is drowning in an ocean and has all the world currency with him but encounters a hungry crocodile. Can he offer a treasure of world currency to the crocodile and in exchange seek his life and his safety from drowning in the ocean water. Our Worldly wealth is not capable to defend us from the jaws of a crocodile. Worldly wealth is not capable to compensate us in any manner in our next birth. Can our worldly wealth ensure us a rebirth in a human body and a birth in an illustrious & rich family? Not possible at all.

When put to test on the second principle (a great wealth should have power to purchase anything & everything), we will find that from our worldly wealth, be it currency, gold, land & establishment or any other kind of property, we can’t buy a single “breath” – we can’t add a “split second” to our life. Forget about adding a breath, can our worldly wealth guarantee us against any disease, illness, and physical disabilities. Is our worldly wealth capable to give us even a taste of divine delight and beyond that even a feel of divine elated ecstasy ? We can only buy feeble worldly luxuries from our worldly wealth. Divine elated ecstasy is a pinnacle whereas worldly luxuries are just a lowest stairway leading to the pinnacle.

Having discussed the (de)merits of worldly wealth, we now turn to discuss the topmost wealth, the Dominical wealth. Both the principles discussed above will tilt towards Dominical Wealth to give it a vantage status.

Take the first principle (a great wealth should have universal acceptance) –Dominical wealth works in all corners of the world, even in molecules of the earth. It works indelibly in all planets and all spheres (present world, afterworld) .The earnings of Dominical wealth is available for use in present birth, next birth, birth after births. { In the Holy Srimad BhagawatGeeta, Arjun puts a question to the LORD that if someone were to exhibit devotion towards LORD in the final stage of his life, having not had any religious zeal for the bigger part of his life, and if he dies thereafter does his devotion to LORD goes unrewarded. The All Merciful LORD said in reply that remembering ME and having devotion towards ME (even if it were to be in the last stage of one’s life) do not go in waste for I (THE LORD) treasure it and reward the soul with it in his next birth.}

Now take the second principle (a great wealth should have power to purchase anything & everything) - There is truly nothing anywhere that the Dominical wealth cannot fetch us. It can save us in ocean,and also from the jaws of a hungry crocodile. The brightest example to this is the Holy tale of SriGajendra Moksha. (In the Holy Srimad Bhagwat Katha there is a tale that a elderly elephant once, while drinking water got caught by a crocodile. He called his family of elephants for help. All came to his help but gave up after sometime. Miserable in pain, neck deep in trouble, in hopeless condition, facing death, as a last resort the poor old elephant begged the LORD for mercy. Up came the LORD in a flash and before the poor elephant could complete his prayer, he was rescued by the All powerful, All merciful and Omnipresent GREAT LORD.} We must understand that each and everything in the world, each & everything outside the world is GOD’s creation and therefore rightfully everything is in total control of the LORD. Therefore Dominical wealth works religiously everywhere and at all times, in all era/ epoch. For example with the merits of Dominical wealth of this life, we can wash our deepest & hardest sins which were committed in past many lives. The merits of Dominical wealth can easily change our fortunes.

Just ponder, what is in existence that cannot be fetched by Dominical wealth. Just ponder, and you will not be able to find a single place where Dominical wealth do not work. This treasure of Dominical wealth works even in Hell because it is due to the earnings/credits of Dominical wealth, that we are freed from the miseries of Hell.

At last, put your hand to your heart and think if our proficiency and predominance in life, is merely towards earning worldly wealth. If it is true, our human birth is most unfortunate. If it were so, we must most promptly change our life’s proficiency and predominance for earning Dominical wealth instead of Worldly wealth. Otherwise our human life will go in waste, just like a qualified Engineer would waste his life if he were to work as a labor or a qualified Surgeon would waste his life if he were to work as a ward boy in a hospital.

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Author's Bio:
Ultimate solace only comes from total devotion towards GOD. Sandeep R Karwa under pen name ChandraShekhar writes articles on devotion to GOD.
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