No matter what we do, whatever we say, or how much we don’t want to, we’re all going to die eventually. I know you probably think that this is a terrible way to start off an article, but sadly we all know it’s true. The thing is, nobody knows when they’re going to ‘go’, and I’m sure if we did we’d probably freak out anyway.

Now, I’m not here to lecture you about dying, nope that’s not the problem. The problem is what are you doing while you’re still alive? Are you following what your Heart wants? Or are you to busy being caught up in the crowd of people who are walking through life like mindless zombies?

Let’s be real, nobody actually wants to be a mindless zombie. Everyone wants to do what makes them happy. And most of the time, the crazy ideas that come from our Hearts would actually make us truly happy. But what people tend to normally do is label the ideas that our Heart tells us as ‘impractical’ or ‘illogical’.

For example, you want to be an artist, your Heart tells you that this is something that you need to do right now! But for some reason everyone around you keeps telling you that there is no possible way that you could ever be an artist. They say you wouldn’t get paid well, or that nobody likes artist or maybe they would even say that you’re just not cut out to be one.

If you follow the stereotypical way of thinking, you’d probably drop the idea of being an artist and just continue the rest of your journey as just another mindless zombie through the crowd. I know it sounds sad but it would be much easier if we just listened to our Hearts, right?

Somewhere along the journey of our lives, as we’re passing by in our zombie-like ways, our Hearts would try to help us out and show us a path that would lead us to doing what we love to do. Instead of letting us go through the twisted turns that would eventually lead us astray, it would show us an easier path in which all we have to do is stay on it and take our time to stroll through it.

The only problem with this path is that we would face a few obstacles here and there. Luckily for us, our Hearts would also provide for us a solution to get through these obstacles as long as we listen to it. Many people would just look at these obstacles and start to question if we can really achieve what our Hearts want. Then the get worried and continue their journey as a mindless zombie instead. But what they don’t understand is that they can overcome any of the obstacles they face by just focusing on the solution instead of the problem.

This way, they work with the Law of Vibration and Attractions, ( as they journey through the path that they take to following their Heart. Similarly, in the form of the other Laws of Nature, ( your heart and Nature itself has already given you all the tools that you need to overcome the obstacles that you would face.

Now, the only question is, are you ready to start your journey?


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