If someone wanted to find out how well they are doing in life, they could end up looking around them. One is then going to compare themselves with the people they are close to, along with the people who they know.

Alternatively, one could think about the people in their life who are around the same age as them and see how they match up. If one thinks that they are doing as well the people in their life or those that are the same age, they could come to believe that they are doing well.

Another Outcome

Through coming to this conclusion, they will be able to feel good about themselves and their life. On the other hand, if they think that they are not doing as well as the people that they have compared their life with, they will probably feel bad about themselves and their life.

It is then clear to see that when one compares themselves others, they can feel good about themselves or they can come up feeling short. And even if this approach allows them to feel good at one point in time, it doesn’t mean that it will allow them to feel good at another.

A Different Way

The trouble with this approach is that it creates the impression that one started off at the same point as everyone else and that they are on the same path as them. The truth is that they didn’t start off at the same point and neither are they are on the same path as anyone else.

So just because they are the same as age as someone else, it doesn’t mean that they have gone through the same experiences. For example, perhaps one had a traumatic birth and another person didn’t, or maybe the other person was physically abused as a child and they weren’t.


Furthermore, although society can do what it can go give someone a purpose, it could be said that they already had a purpose when they entered this earth. However, when someone loses touch with why they are here and gets caught up in what other people want them to do, it will be normal for them to compare themselves with others.

Thanks to the conditioning that they have received throughout their life, they will have lost touch with the fact that they are unique. Comparing themselves with others is then going to be a consequence of being out of touch with their essence and not honouring their own journey.

Invisible Challenges

What one will also need to consider is that even if another person appears to be doing better than they are, it doesn’t mean that this person is actually happy. The life that they lead might not be in alignment with who they are actually are.
Then again, this person may have gone through hell to get to where they are. The life that they now live won’t have fallen into their lap, it will have taken blood, sweat, and tears.

Final Thoughts

The key will be for one to realise that they are on their own journey, with this being a journey that is not the same as anyone else’s. If they want something to compare their life with, they can compare where they are with where they started.

Looking back on where they have been and comparing it with where they are will give them a way to mark their own progress. If they compare themselves with others, they won’t be able to accurately assess their own life.

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