There is a certain four-letter word that is only used to describe a woman, and the last three letters of the word are:

___ U N T

What do you think the word is? Be truthful now, what is the first word that jumps to your lips?

Hmm. Really?

Is it a word that describes the woman who is married to your uncle?

If you are over the age of 16 and you came up with the word “aunt” you’re probably in the minority. The rest of you, well, admit it – you’re a little embarrassed, I’ll venture to guess.

Basing decisions on logical and lucid analysis and careful scrutiny of all relevant factors is the goal of all fully-actualized Whole Beings. They don’t just blindly follow their primitive, gut instincts (a strategy that may indeed work, but only a fraction of the time). Instead, they balance that sudden creative and usually emotional inspiration with a moment of calm and quiet reflection, wherein common sense is brought to bear. They allow reality and left-brain rationale to temper their passion – not to override the emotion, but to deepen the original right-brain impulse and forge it into a dispassionate and dependable strategy that can be trusted and acted upon with confidence. Whole Beings will take a soundly reasoned, holistic and whole-brained approach when making most decisions, especially very critical ones.

Is that your approach?

If you answered the “_unt” riddle incorrectly, you probably let your right brain (the seat of emotion) run with it. But had you waited before answering and allowed your left (logical) brain to take a shot at it, your strategy might have been to go through the alphabet and try all 26 letters as a way of discovering the mystery word. And had you done so, your problem would have been solved with the letter “A” – your search would have ended as soon as it began.

Now go and do what my good Aunty Lorraine would have told you to do:

“Wash your mind out with soap!”

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Bruce Raymond Wright
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