In Australia, many people have experienced the time-consuming process of having to go to their GP (General Practitioner) in order to get a prescription. This process involves them having to put some free time aside from their busy schedule, wait around in traffic or sit on crowded public transport - only to then sit in a crowded medical clinic waiting room.

However, choosing to get your online prescription instead will spare you from this incredibly tedious and time-consuming process.

The traditional way to get a prescription

If this process wasn’t already enough of an ordeal, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the process even more stressful. Before you can even step foot inside a GP office’s waiting room, you are required to get tested for the Coronavirus. Then once you have been tested, you then need to book an appointment for a time that works best for the doctor - not you.

This entire ordeal will leave most people feeling stressed, overwhelmed and disgruntled, especially when many Australians are in a hurry to get back to work or any other important commitments. This is one of the many reasons why telemedicine services are the modern answer to the traditional way of visiting your local doctor.

The modern way to get a prescription

Australia may be a developed country, however, it is still littered with many remote and rural areas that don’t possess an established infrastructure. The people that live in these areas don’t really have a lot of options when they need to see a doctor for a prescription, a referral or just a general checkup.

When they’re local GP is fully booked, busy or not available, they don’t have the luxury of simply calling another medical clinic for an appointment. And even if their local medical clinic has an appointment time that best suits them, they will still face the time-consuming process of getting to their appointment. In rural areas, this could take hours.

As a modern way to get an online prescription, telehealth services have become a revolution for the Australian healthcare industry. Rather than face this arduous journey, they can simply download an app and book an appointment with an online doctor instead. This way, they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home when getting a prescription, a general checkup, a referral and more.

An online service that is easy to use

Using a telehealth service could not be more simple or convenient. All one needs to do is simply download an app - that is it! All a person needs is either a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone device or a tablet with access to a solid internet connection.

Once they have made an account and filled in some general information about themselves, they can then start booking an appointment with a vast network of experienced and qualified Australian doctors.

No more waiting

Because everything is conducted online, this means that you no longer have to sit in a crowded waiting room surrounded by other sick patients. Not only would this be a very time-consuming process, but you are also at an increased chance of catching an illness from another patient sitting next to you.

With telemedicine services, medical clinic waiting rooms are now a thing of the past. You will be given an hour window for when the doctor will call you. Once you receive the call from the doctor, the video consultation will begin. Once your online consultation has finished, the doctor will send your prescription either to your personal email or directly to your local pharmacy so you can pick up your medication in person.

Appointments that are convenient for you

Taking time off from work just to see a doctor to get a prescription is a very tedious task, especially when you have to get back to work on time. Instead, booking an online video consultation with a doctor through a telehealth provider is a much better option.

You can simply book an appointment time for when you are on your lunch break or before you start work, rather than needing to take half or the entire day off. Once your brief online consultation has ended, you can simply return to your shift!

Always available

Ever needed to see a doctor outside of business hours or when travelling interstate? You would need to fill out an entire stack of forms when visiting a new medical clinic. With telehealth services, their expert online doctors are available 24/7. This is ideal for when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling unwell, travelling anywhere in Australia or when your local GP is unavailable.

Don’t waste your precious time waiting in traffic just to wait in a crowded waiting room. Get your online prescription instead by downloading a telehealth app today!

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