Life is supposed to be enjoyed at its fullest and not wasted away in frustrations and Monday blues. Following a dumb 9-5 routine, getting up in the morning, changing into work clothes, driving to work, hitting your fingers against the keyboard for 9 hours and then calling it a day might sound like a typical day at the work. But trust me, it isn’t.

If all your life you have worshipped the idea of following a strict routine, then, it’s not too late to run away from it, as fast as you can. You deserve to start your day not knowing about the surprises your life brings you. Living the same old thing can sometimes feel comforting, but you never know what problems you might end up encountering, so might as well take the risk and enjoy life while you still have a chance.

Did you know a monotonous life can ultimately lead to ennui? 30-90% of Americans experience boredom in a typical, monotonous day. People who complain of monotony in their lives, eventually grow excessively frustrated and agitated with their routine. However, maintaining a life with minimum monotony surely seems a bit farfetched when there are professions such as Engineers, Doctors and etc. involved. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your work doesn’t allow you to take a break, managing to take some time out and doing what you please is sometimes all you need in life.

Clinging to a monotonous routine is deteriorating for your mind. Ever wondered why your mind won’t concentrate on your tasks better? That is because it is crying for help. It wants you to take a break from everything that you’ve been doing for a long time. Monotonous routine is packed with a downside and here are the reasons why you shouldn’t cling to it:
 Monotonous routine pushes you into feeling afraid all the time. The idea of trying out something out of the routine seems so weird that even if you do try something new, your anxiety would get in the way and before you even start working, you would be afraid of how it might turn out.

 Monotony hinders creativity. Bizarre how monotony keeps your mind so fixed onto a routine task that you don’t feel like doing anything new. Life needs a spark of creativity; you know, something out of the box. When you’re doing the same old thing over and over again, then there might be a time when your brain would officially step down from giving you any creative thoughts at all.

 Monotony turns you into a boring person. When you desperately try to maintain a routine that keeps you limited to work only, you end up becoming work-centric. A person who is work-centric, likes surrounded with work only (not sure why?), and a mere idea of taking a break or unwinding makes them anxious. So you can imagine how boring hanging out with such a person would be.

Here’s What You Can Do to Shoo Away Monotony Blues

1. Find a Productive Hobby
Life has become weirdly fast-pace. When your head is buried in work, you never really make time for anything else and this eventually drives you into frustration. Therefore, to break the streak of a monotonous routine, it is important to have a hobby. Hobbies can be a great way to unwind after a long, tiring and stressful day or a week. You can either paint or cook your favorite meal; anything to get your Dopamine and Serotonin up and running.

2. Embrace new changes
Change is inevitable and yet it’s the most difficult thing in life. But you know what they say, be the change that you desire to see in this world. Allowing changes in life is good, so don’t be afraid of them. You can turn your daily monotonous routine around by planning an unplanned stroll at the park after work, or watching a movie at the time when you usually watch your weekday primetime show. Change is good and even you would feel better by doing something different.

3. Spend Some Time, With a Book
Of course, streaming TV shows and movies using the Spectrum internet connection can be considered as a go-to approach for unwinding. However, reading is still the best way and probably the only way to teleport yourself to times where you long to be. Also, reading can be your weapon to break out from a monotonous and frustrating routine. Get yourself a couple of new fictions every week and escape through a portal to another dimension before things in your daily routine start to get awry. Just a few pages before you hit the sack for a nightcap are enough to unwind your mind from the stress. Plus, reading might ignite some creativity in your mind and help you focus on your work better. So yes, I would totally vouch for reading as something that can drag you out of the clenches of monotony.
4. And Finally, Take A Flight to Anywhere in the World
Nothing can lower those stress levels than a packed bag, a flight ticket and a dream to travel to another country. Your work can wait and your boss would understand that you have been working too hard lately, so you deserve the break. Traveling is like an ultimate mood booster. Regardless of whether they are planned ones, or just a short one, traveling can always make you feel as though your system has been rebooted, or you’ve been factory reset, like, literally. Sitting by the shore, enjoying a picturesque view of the destination that you grew up looking at in a postcard: pure bliss.

If you can’t afford to travel to another country, then there’s so much that you can still do. You can go for a walk to the park nearby, or go to the mall and just do some light shopping – anything to get your mind off of the monotony that is weighing you down.

Author's Bio: 

Tina Anderson is a passionate writer with a core interest in work ethics and healthy lifestyle changes. Apart from writing for different online magazines, she also writes for BuyTVInternetPhone. She has a burgeoning collection of broken and weirdly-shaped clay pots she made via her pottery-making endeavors.