Diseased or infected toe nails can be extremely painful and require urgent nail surgery. Neglecting a nail in the early stages of a condition could lead to much more serious infection which could, in turn, mean time spent off your feet and in great discomfort. If you need nail surgery in London then there’s simply no excuse for putting it off a moment longer – get in touch with Footloose Chiropody Clinic and let us do the rest.

At Footloose we pride ourselves on covering the entire range of conditions which can affect a person’s foot. The treatments we offer at our state of the art foot clinic range from reflexology and minor surgery for toe deformities to the design and production of made to measure orthotics to cure long term conditions such as flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Our trained podiatrist will examine your feet at your first appointment and determine the precise nature of your condition and the treatment required to correct it. This treatment will then be applied over a course of appointments until your feet are back in peak condition again. Amongst the most common ailments which people come to us with are those affecting their toe nails. Often, these take the form of ingrowing toe nails. An ingrowing toe nail occurs when the sharp corner of the toe nail begins to cut into the tender flesh at the end or side of the toe itself. Now only is this very painful but, if left untreated it can become infected, requiring antibiotics to clear up the infection and, in some cases, an abscess which may require surgical intervention. The causes of ingrowing toe nails can be varied, ranging from incorrect trimming (nails should ideally be trimmed straight across) to tight fitting shoes and, occasionally, an injury or the kind of repeated impact caused by sports such as football. No matter what the cause, an ingrowing to nail should be treated with nail surgery at the earliest possible opportunity, and if you’re looking for nail surgery in London, then Footloose chiropody clinic is by far the best place to come to. Our experienced and highly qualified podiatrist will know precisely how to treat your toenail in a way which will relieve your pain and ensure that the problem doesn’t recur. The nail surgery required to treat an ingrowing nail is a relatively speedy and simple operation and can be carried out in our clinic during the course of a dinner break in a busy working day. The surgeon will apply a local anaesthetic, totally or partially remove the nail in question and then apply a special chemical to the root in order to stop it from simply re-growing. Following surgery the toe will be dressed, the whole procedure usually taking no more than 45 minutes. The patient will then have to visit to have the dressing re-applied after a period of three days, following which the dressing can be changed at home for as long as is necessary – usually a period of between 2 and 10 weeks. It really is as quick and simple as it sounds and the ease with which the whole procedure is carried out means that there’s really no excuse for putting up with the pain and stress of an ingrowing toe nail. For more details of the range of services which we offer, log onto our website at www.footlooseclinic.co.uk and take a look at everything we can do for your feet. An ingrowing toe nail is the type of sudden and painful problem which can prompt an initial visit to our clinic, but once there you’ll be tempted to make sure that all and every one of the problems associated with feet is looked into and, if necessary, treated.

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