In the book, “Wings To Fly” I explore the value of talking positively. At first, you would think that talking positively is straight forward. It is. Yet, with many things that seem obvious including positive talk, we fail to realize that what we may think is positive is actually negative.

An example of this mistake in positive talk is when someone is telling you possibly some of the following:

  • Don’t spend too much money.
  • Don’t think about your past failures.
  • Don’t spend too much time.
  • Don’t do this or that.
  • Don’t think about your future success because that will take you away from your focus on the present.

Just like the phrase, “Don’t think about the green elephant,” your mind can’t negate, cannot get rid of thinking about a green elephant.

The word “don’t” is already a negative even when it is being used to warn or caution someone. For example, instead of saying, “Don’t speed on the roads” say “I want you to drive the speed limit.” The second statement is better than the first. It asks you to focus on legal behavior while driving, not illegal behavior.

The word “don’t” actually can weaken your resolve to accomplish something. When someone says “Don’t do it this way” it lessens your incentive to do anything for fear of future criticism.

As a result, “don’t” can sabotage your desire to act on your goals and to accomplish them on your path to improvement. “Don’t” is about fear. It is about avoiding something and not about taking the positive action to do something.

To have greater success, minimize the “don’ts” in your life. Drive away the fears and the green elephants. State what you want and you will be more likely to accomplish what you desire.

In “Wings To Fly” you will find daily insights into a variety of topics from your self-talk, to the language for success, to luck, to being out of order, to accumulation, to attitude, to relationships, to attitude, to confidence, to self-esteem, to productivity and making better decisions, to name a few, in creating your own path to take your life to a higher level.

Get your copy of Wings To Fly” now and begin your daily lift off to soar to greater heights. Don’t think about it. Do it!

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Steve Scott is a personal business coach, author and speaker.An entrepreneur for most of his career, his experience includes ,retail, service, manufacturing and international. He brings a diverse background and experience to his clients which run the spectrum from individuals to small business to large corporations.

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