Facebook and Twitter is undoubtedly a favorite pastime and passion for people of all ages in particular youth. The social networking websites are highly exciting, connecting, interactive and popular but also have certain disadvantages as well. Did you realize that when you ‘Like’ a website, click on a ‘+1’ button or ‘Tweet’, you share your data as well as personal information across theses sites as well as Google. You are being tracked by thousands of advertising and data collection companies who track your movements and thus study the trend of your browsing habits. There is no need to be worried as there is a way out to stop this unwelcomed activity of keeping a track of your movements across social networking websites.

Websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc store cookies on your system, to keep an eye on your online activities while you log on to other websites. They are able do it successfully as long as you keep on clicking on buttons such as Like, Follow, Tweet etc, as they get to know about your data that you have shared at the time of registration. You would be surprised to know that you share your data with them without even if you have not logged on to the account.
Probably many of you would not mind sharing their data with these websites as in turn you receive suggestions about the best Tweet, Tweets to be followed, pages to be liked etc. But a lot of people won’t feel comfortable after knowing that their data is being shared and it is annoying indeed. They will begin looking for ways to block the ways through which these sites track their web activities and stop sharing personal information.

This article is aimed to educate the readers with few simple but useful tips with which you can stop social networking websites from tracking your online activities sharing your personal data.
The following tips would help you in safeguarding your privacy challenged by the social networking

Do Not Track Plus
The use of Do Not Track Plus browser extension is one of the most used methods of blocking Facebook as well as other advertising websites from tracking you on the web. It is also known as DNT+ and available as a browser extension for all the leading browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. It is helpful for both Mac and PC users. It will regularly update you with information about third parties who have been blocked from retrieving your personal information.
You simply require installing the DNT+ extension on your browser and you would start getting updates about the blocked social networks, advertisers and companies with the help of an icon appearing on the browser. To get detailed information about the blocked companies or networks you just require expanding the fields provided therein.


Unlike DNT+, Disconnect is a more specific option of blocking sites with which you can block one particular site from tracking your data. Using this extension you can easily stop social networking websites like Facebook, Google and Twitter from following your personal data and web-related activities. It also provides you the option of using a single extension for blocking all the three websites.
This extension is available with browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari to let you know about third parties who are following you on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It immediately stops these websites from storing cookies of your web activities on your computer.


Ghostery is another extension for those users who want to know in detail about the websites behind tracking their data. It provides you additional information about the trackers by remaining on your browser. This is available with all the leading browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

If you are a social media enthusiast and don’t want your personal details to be shared among advertisers and data collectors then the above mentioned extensions are a must for you. Install them right now on your browser and get quick updates about the sites that are tracking your details.

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