During a time where money is tight, there is an interesting fitness trend: People don’t want to waste money on workouts that don’t work. People want results. Sure, people have always said they wanted results, but when money was free flowing people justified going through the motions with little results.

Back in the seventies people joined the “spa” to sit in the saunas and use the fat-jiggling machines in attempt to be healthier. They walked away feeling like they did something even if their body didn’t change.

In the eighties, women joined the Jazzercise movement and started dancing the weight off. They felt great and had fun too. While the girls were dancing away the pounds, more men started pumping iron like Sylvester Stallone and enjoying the benefits.

Jumping ahead to more recent years, anybody who was “anybody” was a member of a health club and had a personal trainer. People spent many years and dollars at gyms with trainers because that was the cool and successful thing to do. Unfortunately, many people never even saw a problem with it because punching the fitness clock made them feel like they were doing all the right things.

Now times are different. Stale trainers are being outshined by passionate trainers who are willing to go above and beyond to get their clients results. Trainers, like Bob Harper from Biggest Loser, showed America what many people were missing and people took notice.

People are now requesting tough trainers that will kick their tail. As people gain a better understanding for fitness, thanks to weight loss reality TV and the web, they’re willing to put in the effort because they know it will pay off.

In addition, people realize they’ve wasted a lot of time, money and energy doing fitness the wrong way and are more willing to try the right was for a change. The harder they work, the more proud they are of what they‘re doing – and it begins an awesome snowball effect.

If you’ve just been going through the motions without seeing remarkable results, it’s time for a change. Every gym in town has awesome trainers and programs so there really is no excuse. Don’t waste another moment on a workout that just isn’t working out. Take your fitness to the next level this summer.

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Bonnie Pfiester is a Fitness Advisor for Sears (the #1 fitness retailer in the nation), health club owner, BCx boot camp co-creator/trainer, fitness columnist and inspirational blogger.