Don Trudeau is an established health care planning expert and CEO of Benistar, a top provider of medical benefits and coverage support for retirees, mainly above 65+ years old. The company aims to help retirees acknowledge and exercise their rights for extensive medical coverage through a large network of agents, partners, consultants, brokers, and healthcare providers. It offers a broad array of planning, implementation and administrative services for retirees coming from all over the nation, with an emphasis given on prescription medication and medical service administration.

Up to this moment of writing, Benistar offers retirement plans, retirement health plans, and administrative services for over 1200K sponsor companies, organizations, and unions across the nation.

How it all began

The idea behind Benistar, as Don Trudeau reveals in an exclusive interview, came from the realization that there was a significant lack of extensive and high-quality health care plans black in the 70s and the very few ones available back then, were far too costly to bear for senior citizens. As a result, Don Trudeau felt that there was a need for an organization that offers high-quality healthcare plans and coverage.

A typical day at work for Don Trudeau starts with a cup of coffee and e-mail checking. He then proceeds to his office to attend meetings, making a checklist, and keep himself updated for anything new and relevant. His way of breathing life into new ideas is to write them down on a piece of paper or an app, then doing some research and examine all the info and prospects he receives to make a decision.

Embrace technology

Unlike other CEOs of his age, Don expresses his excitement for new technology advancements as he sees it as a way for improving our lives in many different aspects. Technology is also part of his daily office schedule. He specifically uses a task management app called “Flow” to manage various administrative tasks of his team on a daily basis.

His natural curiosity and zealous attitude make him adept in pinpointing new concepts and applying them in practice. But, like most of the famous success examples, his career started from unfavorable positions like working in a retail store--but even in this case, he still saw his first job as an opportunity to learn and realize his true aspirations.

A piece of advice that he would like to give to other (aspiring) entrepreneurs is to keep on reading in order to explore new ideas and perspectives. He also attests to the practice of asking questions and discussing ideas with your team for seeking appropriate answers that one cannot simply find on their own.

App sense

Additionally, an idea of a business that Don Trudeau believes it would be great for others to follow is the development of an app that restructures audio sentences to make them sound more suitable based on the context and subject of discussion.

As a leader in his category nationwide, Don Trudeau is fully aware of the importance of leading a business ethically and proactively. His work and thousands of satisfied clients truly reflect that.

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