The sector of healthcare services and planning, unfortunately, is highly shielded as there are many different factors that make a medical plan and the patients themselves are not aware of their full coverage rights.

This is where companies like Benistar, led by Don Trudeau come to help. They help you acknowledge your rights, where you can be covered, and support you in the fight for your individual medical coverage.

Common problems for senior citizens

A common problem that senior citizens especially have to face is the estimation of costs and procedures for an extensive healthcare plan. This is a highly challenging process as many healthcare fees do not involve any maintenance of preventive measures but accidents and unpredictable scenarios. In such cases, the best course of action to take is to examine all important and common options covered by your healthcare plan. If you wish to gain a better grasp of where your coverage counts and what procedures needed to be covered, it would be better to examine the healthcare market in general first.
The key procedures of the healthcare system that most companies cover, based on their necessity and urgency are as follows:

● Emergency room entries
● Outpatient care
● Inpatient/hospital care
● Infant delivery (before and post birth).
● Mental health treatment
● Substance abuse treatment
● Physical therapy
● Prescription drugs
● Lab tests
● Occupational therapy
● Pediatric provision services
● Vaccines and other preventing procedures.

Differing health plans

The healthcare plans though vary from one state to another as each has its own set of regulations and guidelines on what is covered as well as the costs that come with it. Even some local regions may differ from one another, even if they are in the same state which is something that perplexes things, even further. The above procedures are part of the “10 Essentials” list, launched by the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Even though the above areas cover a lot of medical services and costs, there are some aspects that your healthcare provider doesn’t cover, as they are not featured in the 10 essential areas. And this where most people are clueless--it is important to be aware of who these are, what are their costs and other important details. Benistar through his CEO Don Trudeau can make sure that you know all these details so you can find and choose an appropriate plan for your medical needs.

What is NOT covered?

If you are curious to know which areas are not covered by most healthcare providers, here is a brief list:

● Alternative treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki, etc.
● Nursing home care
● Plastic surgery
● Dental care
● Vision care
● Hearing treatment and aids
● Weight loss treatment
● Preventive lab tests
● Many specific prescription medications (even though many are covered by the 10 essentials list)

If you wish to obtain maximum prescription coverage benefits, you may contact Benistar and specifically Don Trudeau to help. They are commitment and experience in the healthcare coverage sector will help you get covered for anything you need, even if your desired treatment option is not featured in the “10 Essentials List”.

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