Gifting someone an education is the best possible gift you could give them because you are enabling them to be independent in the future. When they grow up they will be self-sufficient and maybe also feel the need to give back to the world because they received kindness.

The number of kids who don’t have an access to education is staggering -- various reports estimate the number to be around 57 to 70 million. That is a massive number of our future population not being able to grow themselves into the individuals they want to become.

Come to think of it, the most growth you have had yourself is via early formative years at the school. It is an experience in itself -- being able to learn from the teachers who have got a lot to teach, forming lifelong friendships with your school buddies, learning to work with teams, being part of extra-curricular activities even though you might not want to be, but you learn to compromise, to adapt, to take on all the challenges on head, and to face the world with a renewed vigour. Every time there’s an exam you might have felt anxious or perhaps even scared, but even though you were just 6 or 16 years-old you did show up at the school, write a paper, and get the marks. That’s awesome and it is something that trains you for real life.

With the right sort of education, endless opportunities open for you. You can become anyone in the world. Whether you want to treat people’s diseases, or heal their pain, or fly them into the skies, education is the way to go about it. No one would want to hire an unqualified doctor or an unqualified pilot. You can make many children’s dreams come true when you decide to donate to kids education -- it is not a lifelong commitment, you can also contribute for a year, or two, or as long as you like. As Mother Teresa has put it, charity is not about helping hundreds of kids, even if you help one, it is more than enough.

There are also education sponsorships available around the world, where charitable organisations help you to connect with the kids who need your help. It is also worth considering that you can volunteer there as a teacher and make a donation by sharing your knowledge and letting the kids partake a bit of your time and be a part of their life. It is a wonderful experience to be the reason that ignites the fire to learn in a kid’s heart, something that is unsatiated all their life so that they are always seeking new avenues of knowledge and end up achieving new frontiers for humanity by breaking the barrier.

Sometimes, you can also grow yourself by helping others to grow. As Oprah Winfrey puts it elegantly, “Helping others is the way we help ourselves.” This is also true when you reach out to a kid, take a hold of their hand, and donate to kids education so that he/she can have a better future. When you help that kid to be better in life, you are also making a commitment to yourself. As a result of this, you are motivated to work harder, to provide, and be the caretaker/guardian for that kid. Self-growth is also unlocked when we try to teach others -- It is often seen that college students who first learn themselves and then teach it to their friends, the knowledge retention ratio is very high because to be able to teach someone something efficiently, you need to be an absolute master in it.

You can consider whether you want to donate to kids education or work with kids charity -- both of them are legit ways of helping people who don’t have it as good as you in the world. You can add a spark to their life by making sure that they get access to an education, healthcare, sanitation, and more importantly, a shot at a successful future. Because, where would every one of us be without an education? It is the only way for us to move forward, and while we are at it, let’s make sure that we can take as many people with us to our beautiful future where everyone is educated.

A Chinese proverb sums up the intention and idea beautifully, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” so even though you can help a kid by donating food, the best way to go about is donating towards their education. Sponsor a child’s education so that they can live a poverty-free life in the future and also so that they can be out of harm's way because no one can cheat or scam them. Ignorance is a deadly attribute, and the only way to get rid of it is by helping them to study by funding a kids education.

Author's Bio: 

Shweta Shah has been a Writer for 30+ startups around the world. She is dedicated to the cause of kids education and making sure that people have a platform to donate to kids education so that they can make a positive impact in the world. After all, she believes that we all make a life by what we give not what we get.