There always seems to be some research on the horizon to “Cure” cancer:

I find this interesting because apart from the fact that there are a myriad of causes of cancer being:

diet, medication, oral contraceptives, hormone medications, drugs, emotional stress & excessive drinking of alcohol, just to name a few.

Plus the fact that No Health practitioner is allowed to make a statement as such it would then seem an impossibility to have a “Cure” for Cancer.

Steps to Lowering the Risk for YOU:

#Alkalize : Eating a well balanced diet is imperative for the prevention of any disease, however including a diet that will be supportive of alkalizing your body this will be beneficial in not only the prevention of cancer, but also many other diseases especially arthritic conditions, brain health and energy level.

#Physical Activity: Adequate and beyond nutrition go hand in hand with physical activity and exercise.

Just 30 minutes of physical activity, on five or more days of the week is all it takes to reap the health benefits of physical activity.

You will not only help to control your weight, you'll also significantly reduce your risk of cancer, as well as your risks for heart disease and diabetes.

You have many choices for how to exercise. You can walk, dance, bike, run, join a gym -- whatever suits you.

Other ways to increase your level of activity include taking stairs, walking rather than driving, and parking farther away.

#Minimize Toxins: Unfortunately we are not able to eliminate all toxins from our environment, but we can certainly minimize them substantially by using organic cleaning products, skin and hair care that is free from parabens and chemicals. Avoid canned, packaged and over processed foods. By doing this we are giving our body a great opportunity to rid itself of the toxins it does induce.

# Care for You: Regularly take time to stop, dream, and let your mind wander/meditate on a daily basis. Enjoy supportive care such as massage, facial treatments and Reflexology

#Positive Health Support: Choose your Health Professionals wisely, as you would do when engaging someone to work with you on any major project. Your choice should be someone who will work with you hand in hand to be Optimally Healthy.

# Become Proactive with your Health: Don't be afraid to speak up for what you want it is your body. Educate yourself and be aware of the side effects of any medications before taking them.

#Engage with Positive People & Activities: who have only the best intentions toward you. Read positive books, watch positive movies engage in positive activities. This boosts your immune system: improves you’re thinking & brain performance. Also makes for a Happy Life.

# Learn to say NO: if it doesn't feel right or someone is attempting to get you to do something that is not good or positive for you then say NO thank you. It's all about setting boundaries for yourself and people respecting you.

I encourage you to do further research into this to equip yourself for a Healthy Life.

Empowering You to Optimal Health Julie Doherty N.D

Author's Bio: 

Julie Doherty is a Fully Accredited Naturopathic & Massage Practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd.
Having completed Professional Qualifications in Naturopathic Medicine: Herbal Medicine: Homoeopathic, Nutritional Medicine: Holistic Massage Therapy: Body Work: & Natural Beauty Therapy. This has enabled Julie to follow her dream of supporting people to overcome their health issues & heal their body with the use of a combination of Naturopathic, Herbal, and Homoeopathic & Nutritional Medicines & Therapies to become well without causing further harm or complications
Julie is involved in supporting other health care professionals with treatment protocols for people who are on prescription medication, chemo therapy and other related health care procedures
Julie’s vision and passion has been & still is to assist each person to become well with the least invasive & most effective treatments. Whilst working with likeminded people.
Over the past 25 years, Julie Doherty has successfully treated & assisted people with various areas of ill health and disease from the common cold, skin ailments through to cancer.
Julie’s approach is to enable each person to have the best “Quality of life possible” whilst making your treatments effective, affordable and manageable incorporating these strategies into each person's everyday living. Respecting each person's culture and individual characteristics
Julie is a sought-after public speaker, lecturer & author providing community talks, facilitated & implementing professional related courses.
Julie is a published blogger and author who is recognized for her expert knowledge with Self Growth supporting & providing assistance with healthy life protocols.
Julie has been recognized by the Stanford Who's Who and the Continental Who's who for her dedication and recognition of excellence as a Health Care Practitioner, Executive, Entrepreneur and Professional standards of ethics.
What makes the work of Julie Doherty stand out? The successful testimonials of her clients becoming well both-young and old, from a wide range of disease and signs of ill health: It has been commented about her humanness, her humour, her willingness to reveal so much of herself, her belief and commitment to her industry and clients, and the easy-to-understand style of her communicating and her simplistic way of explaining treatments and programs to become well. Her understanding of the interconnectedness when there is a problem with health and it is out of balance that it is never just one thing, so addressing all related causes of the health problem/problems that she addresses with you.
To complement our healthy treatment programs Julie has formulated a Skin, Hair & Body Care Range that is good for you “Just For You”, not only will it have your skin looking great, healthy & vibrant. Your skin needs to be fed good healthy nutrients the same as your body