One thing that I believe many of us forget about is the fact that in order to be successful we need to have people to support us in our cause. In the military a paratrooper needs to have people who are specialists in packing parachutes to pack their chutes for them. The trooper does not have the time to learn how to pack his own chute because he has a million other concerns to worry about. This most critical operation has to be performed by someone who he doesn’t even know.

The successful trooper must function in other ways in order to win the victory that he must win. He has to worry about his combat equipment, his own physical condition, and the tactics that he must know and perform in order to win the battle which is critical to the defense and well being of many people.

Life is the same for us in the sense that we must utilize the skills and help of others when we need to succeed. In other words we all need somebody to watch our back. Do you have someone guarding your backside well enough so that you can focus your attention other places? If there is are you confident that they have your best interest at heart? Will they fail you for another purpose or another interest? The paratrooper has to jump with his very life depending on the chute to open. If it doesn’t open up during a combat jump there is no chance to activate his reserve because combat jumps are very low to the ground.

I often hear about celebrities or other famous people who once had fame and fortune but entrusted their money or the care of it to a person who didn’t have their best interests at heart. Too many times this resulted in disaster and the loss of everything that they owned. We can allow others to sabotage our very lives if we are not careful. It is imperative that we have someone behind us who has our back.

If we are to entrust the care of our well being to someone else we should have the same concern for them that we expect them to have for us. People are less likely to want to support you if they perceive that you are not in their corner. I learned when I was in the military that my troops would do everything that they could support me when they knew that I would back them and look out for their welfare. When they had to go to the field they didn’t need to worry about where they would get their meals or water. It was my job to provide these things along with the training and direction that they needed and it was their job to perform.

I could have used threats and intimidation to get them to perform and it would have worked because of fear, but they certainly would not have willingly done all that they could to help me out. They would have done just enough to avoid punishment and stay out of trouble. Now there are people who won’t do anything to help you no matter what you do for them but these are the exception rather than the rule. Don’t allow them to taint your perception of the way that business should be done.

If you continue to do things the right way I believe that you will recoup the benefits of your work in the long run. Even if only five out of ten people appreciate what you do five is enough to make you successful. The Good Life

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Cedric Rice is the founder of Riceland Enterprises, which is composed of several different business ventures. This company is currently located in Georgia.
Riceland Enterprises is one of several web sites that Mr. Rice owns and operates which is oriented towards consumers along with Military Ring Express, and Fragrance Oil Express