There is no question that many owners of power wheelchairs likely do not consider their personal mobility vehicles to be intended for use on the public roads, and because this assumption is true in general, owners of such mobility vehicles (along with personal mobility scooter owners) are not required under the law to possess any formal form of insurance for their vehicles - either for coverage of any damages to themselves or their vehicle, or for damage to the property and/or person of another party.

To accept this lack of a legal obligation to have personal wheelchair insurance is akin to gambling with your future, since you can never predict when or if you will be faced with unplanned expenses related to your mobility aid vehicle. Of course that is probably the reason they are called 'unplanned' expenses in the first place.

As an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter owner, you really should feel a strong sense of moral responsibility and obligation to make sure that you are adequately covered in the event that you are injured or your vehicle is damaged while you are operating it. As well, how would you feel if you should be the cause of a serious injury to a personal helper or attendant in your employ who was injured while helping you in your wheelchair? Guilty? Especially if you should find yourself with no financial support network when that worker comes to you for any potential financial support?

Also consider how you would feel if you should fall victim to the theft or vandalism of your chair or scooter. Would you rail on about how unfair it is and how victimized you now feel and how if only you had secured sufficient coverage for this before it happened things would be so much easier for you to deal with now? Well, how about just committing yourself to a more proactive approach instead of living in fear of what might happen, or what you "should have done" or "could have done" to avoid such troubles in the first place.

There will always be many scary scenarios that can be called upon to highlight the serious repercussions that can come from a lack of wheelchair or mobility scooter insurance, however these exist only because it is such an important matter that should always be addressed and will always be very, very relevant. It's just that important.

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