Are you tired of the dieting cycle. This cycle begins when you find the newest fad diet. You lose weight and begin to feel great about your success. Eventually the cravings kick in. Your work has a party, you want to go out to eat, or something else tempts you with forbidden foods. You give into these temptations. You are riddled with guilt and shame. You continue to overeat for a period of time. Then set yourself up on the next new diet. This cycle can make you feel like a failure. You may even say to yourself that you should just give up. After all dieting has not worked.

This is the last thing that you should do. When you feel like giving up on your weight loss goals, it is best to take a look at what is and is not working. By writing a list, you can easily see what needs to change in order to achieve weight loss. Here are some typical things that may be causing you to feel hopeless about your weight loss.

The first thing you should consider are the diets that you have tried. What is the one thing that they all had in common? Were some foods that were off-limits, ones that you love? This is very typical with many diets. They say that you must give up the foods that you love in order to lose weight. At some point you will want these foods. At that point you give in to the temptation, the diet is a failure. How about investing your time into a diet that does not put a limit on foods that you can eat? This is called the non-diet approach to weight loss. It focuses on feeding your body what it needs in order to naturally lose weight.

Another reason many diets fail is their lack of a support system. Having people who support you is one of the most helpful parts of any diet. Having that support person can make a huge difference when you want to give up. Your support person can be there for you when you feel like dieting is no longer worth it. Allow them to be your guide to getting back on track. Also, share your successes with them. They are the best cheerleaders.

You may not be able to achieve weight loss unless you have figured out why you gained the weight in the first place. Discovering the underlying emotional issues to your weight loss can lead to great success. Finding a therapist to speak with can also be helpful. They will be able to guide you to the root issues of your excess weight. Once we have achieved freedom from our past, we can begin to move forward.

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