You can’t help heal your body unless you heal ALL OF IT…Body, Mind, & Spirit. When you neglect one, your body suffers somewhere. From what some of us have learned throughout life, SPIRIT comes FIRST. In more cases than we can count, we ONLY paid attention to that part of ourselves LAST, instead of FIRST, if we paid any attention at all. We can logically conclude, maybe we’re doing this “game of life’ BACKWARDS!


Set your FOUNDATION…the same way you would do a business plan or you would set a financial goal.

What if you started the day with Spirit? Calmness, stillness, settling your mind, and then giving SPIRIT some of your time by asking Spirit /God to direct your day. Wow, who thinks THAT MIGHT be a good idea?

In another article, I explained the Subconscious Mind (the neutral mind) RECORDS everything you do, and can be RE-programmed to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The Subconscious is the SPIRIT inside of you that’s waiting for you to let it lead and guide you. That’s what “Let Go, Let God” means.

That’s the first step in letting SPIRIT guide you and directing each day into one that is less chaotic, less filled with trivia, and less complicated with challenges. A SERENE mind and THOUGHTFULNESS is in charge, instead of you making guesses, mistakes and errors throughout the day. ASK SPIRIT first. Then move forward.

If you’re an atheist, you’re simply working AGAINST your own INNER SOUL. Why would you do that? You can NOT be disconnected from your INNER SELF, no matter what you do.

QUICK STORY: A Little over a year or two ago, I was looking for an apartment/condo in Los Angeles. I knew rents had gone up considerably so I said I would look in the price range of $2500 a month and I could probably get something decent. I looked and looked and looked for over 6 months. $2500 had become living in an area and a place I was not accustomed to…almost turning into over-the-top NY prices. I could not find ANYTHING that I liked. So, one day when I was totally frustrated with this process, I said “God, you have to find the apartment that you want for me in and get me in there.” My credit was good, (over 700), yet marginally. That same day, I looked online. An area I NEVER would have looked in period, because it was a very high end area showed up which I hadn’t seen before. The ad had just been put in for it. Usually at least 12 people or more are looking for the same place. This time around, no one was looking at this place, but me. The price was in my price range (a little higher) but doable. When I went to see the condo, it was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I could wake up every morning to luscious greenery all around me, high ceilings, lots of windows, and very unique features. Outside of the Bldg. I had a view of all of Los Angeles (from up high) and a private walking trail. I had to say another big prayer to thank God for this place. It was definitely sent to me. The beauty, the location, the price. I didn’t know how to even find this place, but my Soul within knew. It was far better than what I would have settled for, and if I had kept looking on my own, I would have settled for something. What Spirit gave to me was EXCEPTIONALLY better than I would have even DREAMED of.

We have a tendency to think we control everything. Sorry to say, we most certainly DO NOT. That’s an illusion that strictly tricks the intellect. We’re intelligent. We know EVERYTHING. Therefore, our intelligence disguises the REAL answers. You have to be OUT OF YOUR MIND, to experience other DIMENSIONS and REALITY. No thinking, just being. You are a human BE-ING, no less. Only SPIRIT truly knows the answers to EVERYTHING. This is simply the dream we remember most.

For example, EVERY BREATH is a SACRED BREATH. Close your eyes when it’s quiet and listen to your breath. What allows you to breathe? Who allows you to breathe? Have you been missing something? Who is right there, all the time, with you every second of every day? When you hear a voice inside of your head, who is it? What does that voice tell you in times of stress, joy, trauma, happiness and sadness? In SECONDS, your breath can just stop, and you have no control over it. Every breath is a sacred breath. We take WAY too much for granted.

If your soul decides you are an incessant talker, and never a listener; believing that what you have to say is more important than another, and then your speech is eventually taken away. What then? You’re forced to listen. Because you never listened before, is it a lesson? You have no control over that. We take WAY too much for granted.

If your sight is taken from you in an instant, and you must live the rest of your life in darkness. Who would you blame? We take WAY too much for granted.

The FOUNDATION of what you do definitely sets the stage. When you feel doubtful about anything, get quiet, close your eyes, close the door, and SIT STILL in complete silence. FOCUS on the Spiritual Eye.

NOW IS THE BEST TIME EVER! If you’re home-bound (and most of us are) do this often - BE STILL for as long as you can. No phones, no music, no TV, no computer. Just you and your inner Spirit. The expansion of your SOUL makes things far easier and better, no matter who you are. If you’re creative, you will create something SPECTACULAR. If you’re a musician, you can EXPAND your talents beyond even what you imagined. If you’re an inventor, make an invention that will IMPACT THE WORLD in an EXTRAORDINARY way.

This even sets a stage for Coronavirus. Let SPIRIT be the lead. It can protect you when you need it. REPROGRAM yourself. Become IRONCLAD and work from within.

THIS, is the FIRST step…BEING STILL with the SPIRIT or God within.


Self-evaluate. Self-evaluate. Self-evaluate.

We seldom take stock of our own behavior. We’re good at pointing fingers or calling someone else out for their behavior.

To grow in this life, we MUST look at ourselves first. If we’re not setting an example, we’re not doing it right.

Everyday, ask yourself “Am I being who I am supposed to be?” “Am I showing others how to act, even when things are exceptionally challenged?” “Am I the highest ideal of who I am?”

It’s important to have MORE examples of THIS. If you’re calm in a crisis, the people around you are calm. If you’re giving, people will be more giving. Some people take a LONG time to learn, so you must be consistent. Every action is a teaching moment. Don’t be impatient with those are HARD-HEADED or just don’t get it.

Fear and Anxiety are not a part of the equation. Fear and Anxiety take a heavy toll. Meditate these emotions away.

During the time, we have this virus, that has altered the world, we need more minds that are steady; emotions that are in tact. Children are depending on us to show them the way. Young adults are depending on us to show them the way.


Taking care of ourselves SHOULD have always been a priority. Now we might as well say CORONAVIRUS made me do it. Some how it got side-tracked along the way. No exercise or movement, sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end, LOTS of sweets and other indulgences have gotten us ALL into trouble. Now, we’re having the results of those consequences, and having to re-think our choices.


The list below are of things we should have been doing all along. The virus is forcing us to look at our health even more. NO NEED to wait for a vaccine. Strong bodies with EXTRA PROTECTION is what we need ALL THE TIME. Every four - six hours, put some of these nutrients inside you body. Do this to keep yourself protected from all viruses.

Keep these available to you as much as you can:

HERBAL TEAS - If you don’t like herbal teas, buy HERBAL SEASONINGS for your food. Herbs were put here on earth, as our medicine. Food was too, except our food is now chemicalized. There are chemicals in practically everything we eat. HERBS have multiple healing properties. Add the HERBAL TEAS in your routine at least first thing in the morning or just before bed and/or SEASONINGS during the day with your food to keep healing all day. TRADER JOES has the MOST inexpensive Herbal Seasonings for only $1.99. Everywhere else, they $3, $4, $5, $6. They’re even $8.99 in some stores. That’s a huge difference.

GEORGE’S ALOE VERA JUICE - One of the BEST protectors you can have. ONLY GEORGE’S brand tastes like water. Other ALOES are either super super sweet and/or have an awful bitter taste. GEORGE’S takes the bitter taste out and is 100% Aloe Vera. You only need 2 or 3 tablespoons or a fourth of a cup in the morning and a fourth cup at night. GEORGE’S has multiple healing properties. It soothes and protects your digestive system. It cleans up your bloodstream. Clears up your skin. It makes your body alkaline (hard to get disease in alkaline body), instead of acidic (creates disease). It makes the liver healthy and clean, and a host of other benefits. You can buy ALOE on Amazon…about $9 - $10 for a quart and about $17 - $20 for a gallon. Keep this in your house always. Good for little children and seniors. No STOMACHACHES, no COLDS…if you use it continuously.


IF YOU LIKE COFFEE & HOT CHOCOLATE, GO TO: https://GANOEXCEL.US and get their Classic coffee or their Shokalade with Reishi Mushrooms in it. Their products have over 1500 antioxidants and over 200 phytonutrients in them. Reishi Mushroom have been studied by many Eastern cultures. Healthline has shown Reishi to boost the immune system, have anti-cancer properties, and fights fatigue and depression. I keep the hot chocolate (Shokalade at Gano) all the time and drink it consistently because of the antioxidants and phytonutrients. Coffee & Hot Chocolate is a cool way to get the Reishi Mushroom. A warm. Delicious drink when you’re feeling sad or happy.

AT SOME POINT IN YOUR LIFE, you need to look into this seriously. This is why I recommend it for EVERYONE. It’s that important! DNA is your LIFE CODE…the chromosomes you got from parents. It’s where everything starts at the DNA level. There are 3 Trillion cells in the human body. Any number of cells can go bad and be destroyed during you lifetime. IMUREGEN is the ONLY DNA product on the market today that is effective for your DNA recovery. No OTHER company can say that. It REPAIRS and REJUVENATES your cells on a daily basis. No matter what kind of disease or issue you have, IMUREGEN will eventually FIX IT! Purchase Imuregen in liquid or pill form at and purchase a liquid form of Imuregen or a pill form of it. If you want to know more about the product, go to YouTube and search Forever Healthy Products - Imuregen. The DOCTORS and EXPERT SCIENTISTS who know a lot about it are on YouTube. It is the Immune Support you’ve been waiting for. It’s been researched for 60 years. It takes 90 days to make one bottle. No other company takes that much time and care. Here’s a quick video about Imuregen:

LIQUID ZINC SULFATE - The Medical Medium, who has 6 or 7 New York Times Bestselling Books on Health & Well-Being says there are 2 Natural Products that keep you protected THE MOST from Coronavirus.

The first is ZINC. He says that “zinc feeds the IMMUNE SYSTEM, providing it with one of the most critical trace minerals for the immune system to function optimally. VIRUSES ARE ALLERGIC TO ZINC, the mineral repels and weakens them, even making pathogens docile, which allows the immune system to kill off and eliminate the pathogens more quickly. He also says most people are zinc deficient.” He suggests going to to purchase Liquid Zinc Sulfate.

The second is good old Vitamin C. Never, never, never underestimate Vitamin C. In large doses, Vitamin C can prevent cancer. Not just any Vitamin C from the Drugstore (which is inferior to Real Vitamin C). Linus Pauling won a Nobel Prize for discovering the greatest benefits of Vitamin C. Anthony William suggests going to to get High Quality Micro C.

He recommended several other supplements, but emphasis was on Zinc and Vitamin C. You can google Anthony William’s/The Medical Medium free Virus Protection ebook. It will give you OUTSTANDING information on Virus Protection for all times, not just NOW.

It doesn’t get any BETTER than that!

Love, Janeska

(Investigative Reporter Who Dives Deep for Truth about your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well-Being)

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Author's Bio: 

Janeska Smith Asante was born in New York, New York on a frigid winter night in November. Her mother had gone to New York to keep her pregnancy a secret from her parents, even though she was at least 26 years old. To hide her pregnancy, even further, she weighed the idea of throwing Janeska over the Brooklyn Bridge, for at least 24 hours. However, she couldn’t do it, and less than a month later, Janeska ended up living with her Cherokee grandmother, on a steep hill, in a great little yellow house, smack dab in the middle of the country…Omaha, Nebraska.

Her grandmother was a diabetic and she was often sick; so before even attending school, Janeska’s grandmother taught her to grow herbs and food in the garden. She taught her how to wash dishes, clean the house, and wash clothes. At 4-years-old, she was responsible for giving her grandmother Diabetes shots and putting her to bed with HER doll (who happened to be larger than Janeska).
All of her grandmother’s friends, became Janeska’s friends. They were all over 80 and looked at Janeska as their helper and their pathway to healing. Everyday, she was creating herbal concoctions (from the garden) and preparing them for her grandmother’s friends.

There were no children who lived in her grandmother’s neighborhood. So, Janeska just read health and healing books (most of the day) that came from her grandmother’s church, the Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church of Omaha.

Janeska thought this was normal, for kids, since she didn’t have anything to compare it to, yet.

Her granddad was a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) minister and health and healing was a HUGE topic in the SDA Church Community. Her grandmother didn’t really pay much attention to the Health aspect as she should, yet Janeska absolutely LOVED this information. She thought that the food part of the Adventist teachings were fabulous and she spent every chance she got reading and experimenting with the herbs and remedies taught (from the Bible, from Jethro Kloss, from Ellen G. White, and other ‘whole body teachers’ of our time.

She was healing the elderly before she entered nursery school and she realized she came here with a gift and a knowledge far beyond her years. She even kept her grandmother from getting her leg cut off that doctors insisted must happen, simply from what she knew and studied, at the ripe old age of 4.

This is HOW it all started. Throughout the rest of her life, she continued to research and practice what she knew. After graduation from the University of Nebraska, with a degree in Journalism, she tripled her research and study, helping many people along the way. After that, she became Certified in Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She added an emotional component of her healing practice, which many people don’t realize is at the core of their illnesses.

Janeska is also a Self Realization Fellowship member, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, who initiated and taught Mahatma Ghandi Kriya Yoga and meditation, which is also a huge part of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection she uses when it comes to health and healing. She became a Kriya Yoga initiate, like Ghandi, in 2018.

She created a Customized Chart for clients and others, to see what areas they need help in. She sends the chart out through email and does online sessions for whomever requests it.

Once she analyzes the Chart, she gives recommendations in all areas of one’s being…Mind, Body & Spirit, so each person is guided to the right things to do to correct inharmonies in the body.

Over the last 3 - 4 decades, Janeska has created a wide range of skills. She’s the author of 3 books (revolving around health and politics), wrote news for KABC (American Broadcasting Company), been a researcher of Mind, Body, Spirit Health, done Event Planning and Produced Events, been a former assistant editor for Essence Magazine, and founded ‘It’s All Connected, Inc.’, a Mind, Body, Spirit Company, which is currently spreading its message of self-healing and inner joy, to all those souls in search of these things.

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