Abundance, empowerment, and happiness are often associated with positive thinking. To achieve any of these 3, positive thinking is merely half the battle. Success is not found in thought. Success is found in action.

The Law of Attraction in specific, promotes the idea of obtaining anything you can dream of through thought. What is a thought. In short, a thought is a process of the mind. The mind creates an image, which in turn interprets the image into a thought. If a thought fails to come to life, is the thought anything but a dream?

Have you ever heard the quote, "The greatest action is inaction."? A thought, no matter how positive it is cannot lead to a better life without taking action. To emphasize the importance of action, I have a few scenarios to share with you.

First let me say that positive thinking has led me to greener pastures in my own life. Saying this, does an action have to be positive to create a positive outcome? To test the Law of Attraction, here are a few examples.

Joe Winner was a hardcore gambler. Joe spent years chasing down jackpot after jackpot. After a life full of misery and unhappiness, Joe finally hit the jackpot. Joe's gambling had led to numerous broken relationships and other personal problems. As an action, gambling was very negative for Joe. More often than not gambling leads to broken dreams. In Joe's case, where a large sum of money was won, the negative stigma of gambling was replaced with a very positive outcome. How did a lifetime full of negative, deliver a positive outcome? Joe took action.

Pauly Pusher was a lifetime drug kingpin. Pauly quietly built a life of comfort for his family and friends. Through his illicit life in the drug trade, Pauly negatively affected tens of thousands of lives. For the people closest to Pauly though, life was good. Pauly had garnered the resources to give his children the best education money could buy. Due to this, his children became pillars of the community. One is a life saving emergency room doctor, while the other is an advocate fighting for the rights of working people. Pauly has shown us once again how a life full of negative action can deliver a positive outcome.

We can all think of people we know, that when they fall in a pile of stink they still come out smelling like a rose. The key to smelling like a rose is taking action on your thoughts. We all manufacture great ideas in our head. What seperates successful people from others, is the ability to bring an idea to life.

I am not advocating using negative thoughts and actions to create success. I am merely pointing out that, The Law of Attraction and positive thinking are useless without physically bringing the ideas to life.

The next time a positive thought comes to mind, take the first step towards harvesting the thought by writing it down. Not only will this help you remember the thought, but it provides the first physical action towards bringing the thought to life. Abundance, empowerment, and happiness can be had, when you "Do positive" on top of thinking positive.

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My thoughts have came to life as a philosophy. The Bloomsayer philosophy lends itself to anyone looking for the knowledge to create a better life. Through the years I spent my time thinking and not doing. I decided to finally take action. I became an Ordained Reverend, found my life partner, and started putting my thoughts on paper. You can follow the philosophy on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=141938555824525&ref=ts.
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